Top Tips for Cutting Back on Your Drinking

Curb Your Drinking: How to Cut Down

Alcohol consumption and overdrinking are far too easy to do, especially when so many social activities and gatherings revolve around drinking. For those who do not have self-control, having a few too many drinks is something they may be used to and begin to expect. There are some tips and tricks that you can implement in order to regulate and mitigate your drinking.

It’s important that you assess your drinking problem right away and take the proper measures in order to cut back before your drinking gets out of control. Drinking too much can lead you down a very dangerous road and can even end in alcohol use disorder to addiction.

Tips to Cut Back

  1. Plan and set boundaries: This tip applies for both the quantity that you plan on drinking as well as the amount of money you intend on spending on alcohol. A great trick is to choose a drink that has a substantially lower alcohol volume (ABV %) than what you were drinking before while also switching to small drinks. If you are used to drinking a heavy beer in a tall can that has a high alcohol content, consider switching to a light beer in a small can. This will save you money, calories, and your health above all.
  2. Pick up a hobby: A lot of the time, we choose to drink after a long day of work instead of taking up a hobby or being productive in some way. For those who have a drinking problem, whether mild or severe, drinking is a way to escape and relax. By picking up a hobby or directing your energy into something else such as playing basketball, tennis, or gardening, you are avoiding the activity of drinking altogether. It’s also imperative that you avoid high-risk scenes that may pressure you to drink.
  3. Let people know: It’s important that if you are serious about cutting back on your drinking that you let your friends and family know. This way they can help you stay on track and let you know when you have had enough to drink. They may even join in and decide to take the challenge to cut back on drinking as well.
  4. Eat Healthily: A balanced diet is always beneficial and will only help you in your journey toward cutting back on alcohol consumption. Alcohol makes us hungry and, in turn, we typically crave food that is either convenient such as fast food, or something that is generally unhealthy. By lessening the amount that you drink, you won’t have those intense cravings for bad food choices.
  5. Take days off: A good tip is to designate certain days off during the week that are ‘no drinking’ days. Just a few days in a row of consistently not drinking can help your body recuperate, especially your liver.

Keeping Detailed Track

Another great tip is to create a calendar and put it on the fridge. Take note of each and every drink that you consume throughout the week and month. This can help you realize how much you are actually consuming as the calendar does not lie unless you do. The recommended guidelines for drinking quantities states that six drinks for females and eight drinks for males per week are considered ‘normal’. If you are well above that then you may want to consider cutting back sooner than later.

If you do intend on going out for a couple of drinks, it’s important that you count the number of drinks that you consume and be sure to pace yourself. Put a timer on when you first take a sip of your drink and make sure that you only have one drink per hour. Don’t forget to eat plenty of healthy food as well in order to help absorb the alcohol and help prevent a hangover. Drinking a full glass of water in between each drink will keep you properly hydrated as alcohol works to dehydrate you and is also a diuretic.


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