Why Does Alcohol Make Some People Angry?

Alcohol can Cause Aggression

Alcohol has a different effect on everyone and while alcohol can make some people social and happy, for others, it can mean aggressive and scary behavior. Studies suggest that some individuals become confrontational when they are drinking as a result of the way alcohol interacts with the brains chemistry.

Alcohol works to lessen our ability to think rationally and narrows down our ability to have a normal train of thought. Maybe people who drink get a sort of tunnel vision and become angry; nothing will divert them from this anger. This could possibly be a result of an underlying issue or the fact that they have something on their mind that is making them angry. This is then amplified when alcohol is consumed.

When we are under the influence of alcohol and someone provokes us, we don’t have the mental capacity to understand the repercussions of our actions. This is the effect that alcohol has on the brain; you cannot think straight.

At first, alcohol gives the sensation of relaxation which is part of the reason why people enjoy drinking. This feel, though, can be switched to feelings of anger and aggression the more that you drink. We are more likely to be confrontational and misinterpret things which is why oftentimes aggressive encounters and fights happen.

Avoiding Aggressive Behavior

The interesting thing about those who get aggressive when they drink is that they naturally are not aggressive people at all nor are they violent. They begin to have a short temper when they drink and thus exude aggression.

Alcohol-induced behavior can have serious repercussions and oftentimes alcohol works to ‘fuel the fire’ for an angry drunk. Those who possess aggression when they drink are the ones who are most vulnerable when they consume alcohol. When alcohol triggers aggression, it disrupts our ability to cognitively function and in turn, we are unable to problem solve.

Alcohol and Depression

Studies suggest that those who get aggressive when they drink are also the ones that can get depressed when they are under the influence. Drinking works to increase responses to stress and can be manifested when under the influence of alcohol. Since alcohol enhances the depressiveness that some experience when they drink, it may be responsible for increasing the chances of having a drinking problem later on in life.

Alcohol and Suppressed Anger

Studies have suggested that those who suppress their thoughts and anger when they are sober are more inclined to be angry and aggressive drinkers. These individuals may be shyer by nature and may also struggle with anxiety or fear. It’s important that these individuals refrain from drinking excessively and also avoid binge drinking, as these are both recipes for aggressive behavior.

For those who are susceptible to arguing while under the influence, it can encourage arguments with our partners, leading to resentment and an unhealthy relationship if this pattern continues. Alcohol can exacerbate any problems that may be going on in your relationship and has the potential to even reveal any underlying issues that there may be. In such situations, seeking help from a rehabs in Florida can be beneficial. These facilities are equipped to deal with the psychological aspects of alcohol abuse, including how it relates to suppressed emotions and interpersonal conflicts. With professional guidance and therapy, individuals can learn healthier ways to manage their emotions and relationships, free from the influence of alcohol.

Couples counseling and lessening the amount that you drink can help you in all aspects of your life. It’s best to be upfront with your partner and let them know that your actions were uncalled for and that you feel as though you are not a good candidate for alcohol consumption.


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