The Legal Consequences of Substance Abuse

Continuing to Abuse Substances May Land You Behind Bars

Far too often, individuals continue to use and abuse drugs and alcohol, as well as other illegal substances, without any regard as to the possible repercussions they may have. There are countless consequences of continuing down the road of substance abuse and sometimes, unfortunately, you will not understand these until it is too late.

So how exactly can substance-related offenses have an impact on your life? Drug and alcohol use can lead you to become violent or aggressive which can lead you to get arrested and you may end up with a criminal record. This could be either for a misdemeanor or a felony. This, in turn, can have a huge burden on your future as it will interfere with your ability to obtain certain jobs which can disrupt your short-term and long-term careers goals.

Federal Law and Substance Abuse Offenses

Those who have a criminal record that is deemed a felony will not be allowed to apply for any sort of government assistance when it comes to nutrition assistance such as food stamps. A felony can range from marijuana possession as well as the possession of other narcotic drugs. The law works in such a way that it creates a lifelong burden for you to ensure that you don’t make the same mistakes that you did before.

Being in trouble with the law could also restrict you from various benefits such as applying for assisted housing or government-funded housing. This applies to those who have been charged with a felony but not necessarily a misdemeanor.

If you have a charge against you as a result of your substance abuse, you will encounter various barriers when wanting to be employed by healthcare facilities. Federal law prohibits individuals who have certain convictions from being employed and working in the healthcare sector. In turn, this narrows down your options when it comes to employment which can affect your entire life. A drug or alcohol conviction can refrain you from different types of federal aid for university or post-graduate studies.

Eliminating Barriers

Although there are measures that are being taken to eliminate the unique barriers that those who have convictions have, the process is lengthy and inconclusive for now. You cannot solely rely on the fact that laws may soon be gone surrounding arrests; the important this is that you do not abuse substances in the first place.

There are countless legal consequences when it comes to substance abuse. What may seem like an innocent possession of illegal or legal drugs could very well land you under arrest and locked behind bars.

Even if you distribute your own legal medical prescription pills, this is a form of drug dealing which can land you in serious legal trouble. Continuing down this dangerous path could mean giving up child custody, time in jail, or extravagant fines. These consequences can give you a criminal record that has the potential to stay with you for your entire life. This could have an effect on things that you may not even realize such as purchasing a home or registering to vote.

Unfortunately, too many individuals who have substance abuse issues do not fully understand the repercussions of their actions. They may only discover these later on in life. There are various support groups available that can help you regain confidence after convictions. You must get the necessary help now before your substance abuse takes a further toll on your life and your lifestyle.

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