Largest Pharmaceutical Companies

Who Makes Legal, Prescription Drugs?

Almost all of us have some insight into pharmaceutical drugs, as, at one point or another, we have probably been to the pharmacy to fulfill a doctors prescription. But who really makes these drugs?

The global pharmaceutical market is worth an estimated $1.11 trillion and on the rise, as there are always new drugs being made in an effort to help treat and manage nearly every ailment you can imagine.

Let’s take a look at the largest pharmaceutical companies on a world-wide scale:

  • Pfizer, $52.52 billion

This is officially the worlds largest pharmaceutical company with its main headquarters located in Groton, Connecticut.

  • Roche, $44.36 billion

This is a Swiss pharmaceutical company that is best-known for making and selling the top three drugs for cancer which are Rituxan, Herceptin, and Avastin.

  • Sanofi, $36.66 billion

This French pharmaceutical company is best known for selling Lantus for insulin shots, Lovenox for blood clot prevention, and Aubagio; a common treatment for multiple sclerosis.

  • Johnson & Johnson, $36.3 billion

This company has been a household name for over 130 years due to their creation of regular consumer items such as lotions and baby products. Some of their top-selling drugs are Zytiga, Darzalex, Stelara, and Imbruvica.

  • Merck & Co. $35.4 billion

This company is best known for its vaccines and drugs that help various illnesses in the oncology, infection disease, and cardiovascular sector. Some of their top-selling drugs are Gardasil, Januvia, and Keytruda.

These companies have created some of the top-performing drugs in the industry and have helped millions of individuals live with peace of mind knowing that their condition is under control. Without the scientists behind the creation of these drugs, many illnesses would go untreated. The companies that have created drugs to help cancer patients have seen the most financial growth. Since many pharmaceutical companies have driven their prices up, many individuals have no choice but to turn to the generic form of the drug in order to afford it.

The problem with generic drug manufacturers is that they do not have the same intense vetting process and quality assurance as branded drugs. This, in turn, can leave patients with a less than satisfactory experience with the drug that they thought would help manage their symptoms.

The large pharma companies get all of their drugs approved by the FDA prior to prescribing patients to them which adds an element of peace of mind.

The Down Side of the Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is said to be blamed for the opioid crisis that is sweeping the United States. Between February 2015 and January 2-16, close to 53,000 U.S. citizens overdosed as a result of opioids such as fentanyl, OxyContin, and heroin. That number increased to 64,000 in the following year; a number that could have drastically been decreased with the availability and knowledge of Naloxone.

Naloxone is an opioid antagonist that can reverse an overdose if it is administered quick enough. It works by counteracting the depression of the respiratory system so that the individual can breathe normally without suffocating; suffocation would happen if naloxone was not administered.

It’s important that you only take prescription medication under doctor’s orders in order to prevent any sort of adverse effects. If you suffer from an addiction problem, helps is available.

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