How Quitting Alcohol Changes Your Appearance

Cutting Out Alcohol Boosts Skin Health

When you reduce the amount of alcohol you consume or quit drinking alcohol altogether, your appearance takes a drastic turn for the better. You don’t have to suffer from alcoholism in order to endure the harsh side effects of alcohol. Alcohol deteriorates every aspect of your life including your career, your relationships, your health, and your appearance.

When you cut alcohol out of your life, or drastically reduce the amount that you consume, there will be countless benefits that ensue.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Losing Extra Weight

When you consume alcohol, you are taking in lots of empty calories; calories that contain no nutritional value. Not only this, but alcohol also makes it harder for your body to burn fat. Prolonged and extensive alcohol abuse will inherently result in liver disease which then has the possibility of turning into cirrhosis of the liver if it goes untreated. Cutting out alcohol will allow your body to burn fat easier resulting in weight loss and overall better health. Additionally, when you drink alcohol, you are more likely to indulge in ‘cheat foods’ which only works to add insult to injury.

  • Healthy, Glowing Skin

Excessive alcohol consumption has detrimental effects on your skin, damaging and dehydrating it. When you consume alcohol in excess, your skin becomes pigmented and blotchy and capillaries are visible. Some of these damages to your skin are irreversible, causing permanent destruction. By giving up alcohol, you will notice immediate differences in your skin’s hydration levels and appearance. The whites of your eyes will also decrease in the yellowish color, becoming more vibrant and healthy looking.

  • Boosted Hair Health

Since alcohol causes dehydration, higher estrogen levels, and lower zinc levels, your hair does not have the nutrients needed to grow strong and healthy. Couple this with a lack of sleep and increased stress levels and your hair may begin to fall out. A lack of overall nutrients in your body can have detrimental side effects on the health of your hair and your scalp. When you reduce the amount of alcohol that you consume, you are working to replenish the nutrients in the body, increasing overall health.

Benefits of Sobriety

Even if you are a casual drinker, drinking alcohol regularly can take a drastic toll on your health and your physical appearance over time. It’s amazing how quickly your appearance and health will change as soon as you give up alcohol. As soon as you kick the habit of drinking alcohol frequently, you are taking the appropriate steps in taking care of your health and wellbeing. When you cut out the habit of drinking, you will notice an increased level of stamina along with a clear mindset and a better ability to focus.

Some physical benefits of cutting out alcohol are:

  • Less puffiness
  • A slimmer facial appearance
  • Clearer eyes
  • Looking less tired
  • Disappearance of rosacea
  • Smoother skin
  • Reduced acne

Cutting out alcohol is a form of anti-aging, and it will increase the nutrients in your skin, enhancing its appearance. While many of us tend to focus on the internal damage of alcohol, we often forget how alcohol can take a huge impact on our external health: our skin. By reducing alcohol consumption, you are reducing inflammation while boosting your health in general. In as little as 48 hours after your last drink, you will notice differences in the appearance of your skin while also simply feeling great. In the first week after your last drink, your skin will look increasingly youthful and healthy as hydration has been restored.

If you or someone close to you is struggling with alcohol abuse or alcohol dependency, it’s time to get the necessary help today.

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