How Writing Can Benefit Your Recovery

The Benefits of Journaling

When you are a recovering addict, whether you were addicted to drugs or alcohol, when you have completed addiction treatment, you are probably looking for various ways to maintain your sobriety. Relapse is often feared the most among those recovering from addiction and can be prevented with the help of a number of coping mechanisms and techniques.

Keeping a journal and writing in it on a daily basis can aid in maintaining your sobriety. Writing exercises can help you express feelings that perhaps you are not ready to speak about on a one-on-one basis. When you keep a journal, you are the only one that reads it;  it is a type of therapy designed to assist you in your recovery. Writing therapy has proven to be very beneficial in those who are recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction. Writing is a very therapeutic activity that can help you express your feelings in a disclosed and private manner without any judgment from anybody.

Writing down what is on your mind can help you reflect on how far you have come in your journey toward long-lasting sobriety from drug or alcohol addiction. A journal is a safe outlet for you to better articulate your thoughts and emotions.

Advantages of Keeping a Journal

There are a number of benefits to keeping a journal and contributing to it on a daily basis.

  • Expressing Emotions

Jotting down your feelings and emotions on paper can prevent them from being bottled up inside. When you hold in your true feelings, at one point or another, they are going to have to be released. By writing emotions down, you are expressing them in a gradual manner as opposed to bottling them up.

  • Spontaneous Emotion

When something comes into your mind that perhaps you had never explored before, writing it down can have major benefits. Journal writers can become increasingly mindful of their creative streak which can help them in other creative ways such as through art and music therapy. Through connecting and exploring your creative edge, you are opening your mind to new more constructive mindset.

Better Your Health

Those who are adamant about keeping a journal and writing in it regularly admit that they are more self-aware than they have ever been. Writing allows individuals to note down their level of comfort that day or that week and are better able to avoid certain scenarios based on their documented experiences.

There are also countless health benefits of keeping a journal. This writing is a therapeutic activity, it has proven to reduce stress and ease the mind, allow you to have mental clarity and a more restful nights sleep. When individuals have a clear mindset, they are better able to find balance in their life and not get overwhelmed with everyday scenarios.

It’s important to incorporate writing into your daily life in order to reap the true benefits of it. Take some time out of each day to sit down in a quiet space and reflect on paper what is on your mind. Just ten minutes of writing time can have tremendous benefits to your mental health and mental clarity.


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