Drug Detoxification

Detox is an Important Part of Treatment

Around the globe, close to 275 million individuals have used an illegal drug. Although not all who try drugs will become addicted to them, those who are predisposed to the disease of addiction may become addicted. Drug addiction is an all-encompassing disease that affects the individual just as much as it affects the family of the sufferer. In order to successfully recover from drug addiction, treatment is needed. For those who are moderate to severely addicted, a medical detox phase is needed prior to beginning in a treatment program.

It’s highly advised that you do not go cold turkey as this can put your body is a serious state of shock. In order to safely and effectively overcome your addiction to drugs or alcohol, medical detox is essential.

Understanding Drug Detox

Many addicts fear the detox phase because it is often associated with withdrawal symptoms. Detox is the safest way to wean your body off of the substance of abuse in a controlled and monitored environment. Withdrawal symptoms are also mitigated with the help of detox medications and anti-craving drugs.

The detox process can take as little as two days long but can also be up to one week in length depending on the severity of the addiction. The individual will have to reside at the location of the detox procedure as their bodies will be going through a transition period. It’s also important that individuals remain at the detox center for the duration of their procedure as medical staff will be available in case any complications were to occur.

Medical detox is highly recommended for those who are addicted to:

  • Opiates
  • Alcohol
  • Benzodiazepines

For an individual who has been abusing any type of addictive substance for a prolonged period of time, detox may be recommended as the safest way to overcome your addiction.

When you go through medical detox, it is setting the stage for a successful recovery. It is an imperative step in the overall recovery process. During your time in medical detox, you will receive the care and support of trained medical staff who want to see you succeed in your recovery. They will supply the encouragement and motivation necessary to carry on in the recovery program.

The Cause of Addiction

Although there is no concrete evidence that explains the reasons why some individuals struggle with addiction while others do not, there are a number of contributing factors.

Some of the factors that may be the reasoning behind addiction are:

  • Early Drug Use and Drug Exposure
  • Biology and Hereditary
  • Environment

Those who suffer from a mental health disorder are at an increased risk of developing an addiction. Close to 50 percent of those who struggle with a drug or alcohol addiction also struggle with an underlying mental illness. In order to manage both disorders, dual diagnosis treatment is needed. This will help to tackle both the addiction as well as the mental health disorder.

If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it’s time to get immediate help. An addiction treatment program can help you make a full recovery from your addiction.




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