How Acupuncture Can Aid in Your Recovery

A Holistic Means to Recovery

Many of us have heard about acupuncture for stress relief, helping with insomnia, and assisting in quitting smoking, but did you know that acupuncture can help in your addiction recovery as well? Acupuncture is an ancient form of Chinese medicine that can aid in your recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. Substance abuse and addiction are one of the largest issues facing the U.S. and an increasing number of individuals are requesting anti-medication forms of treatment to aid them in their recovery.

For those going through addiction recovery, acupuncture sessions can be very beneficial. The technique has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety that is associated with recovery and sobriety. It has also been proven to assist in helping to manage emotions as a result of former trauma. The most common type of acupuncture for addiction recovery involves gently inserting needles into the ear. This has proven to help in reducing withdrawal symptoms that are often endured during the recovery and detox stages.

Benefits of Therapeutic Therapy

There are countless benefits of therapeutic therapy as opposed to medically-assisted therapy. Many recovering addicts experience harsh side effects with medications that they are prescribed post-treatment such as Subutex, Naloxone, and Campral. These medications can also become habit-forming which is no help to a recovering addict. Many treatment programs offer this sort of therapy and it is often incorporated into their treatment regime.

Without the aid of pharmaceutical drugs, individuals can manage their cravings and go on to lead a life that is free of substance abuse. Reduced cravings, lessened stress levels, lower anxiety, and better sleep are all benefits of acupuncture in recovering addicts. Another great benefit of acupuncture is that it is low-risk which means there is very little chance of error or negative repercussions.

5-Point Acupuncture

Many people have heard of the 5-point ear acupuncture for those looking for addiction recovery assistance. During this process, needles are placed in certain areas of the ear, each targeting a specific area.

  1. Targets the nervous system
  2. Mitigates anxiety
  3. Targets the kidneys
  4. Targets the liver
  5. Targets the lungs

The 5-point acupuncture is an ancient form of natural healing that aids in the overall healing of the mind and body during recovery. The combination of the 5 points works to target all of the vital parts of the body, healing the body as an entire system. Not only does acupuncture aid in helping to heal vital organs, but it also aids in relieving stress, treat depression, lessen cravings, manage chronic pain, and improves the quality of your sleep.

Acupuncture is a non-medical alternative to healing the mind and body during addiction recovery. Many individuals have benefited from the help of this holistic means of treatment and it is highly recommended for those who tend to experience side effects when prescribed anti-craving drugs. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, acupuncture can aid in your recovery journey. It’s time to recover from addiction so that you can move onto living a fulfilled and enjoyable life.

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