Don’t Try Drugs to Fit in

Saying ‘No’ to Experimenting With Drugs

Youth who are in high school are almost always synonymous with underage smoking, drinking, and experimental drug use. But did you know that many of these kids try drugs or alcohol due to peer pressure and the desire to ‘fit in’? This age group is at a very vulnerable stage in their lives as there are transition periods everywhere you look. This, in turn, can put added stress on these kids which can pressure them to try drugs or alcohol.

Not only do teens attempt to fit in by trying drugs or alcohol, but they may also simply be bored and figure ‘why not’. If your teen is struggling with hobbies an interests, ensure they do not resort to drugs and alcohol by speaking to them about the dangers of underage substance abuse, and substance abuse in general.

Resisting Peer Pressure

There is no denying that your teen years are some of the most trying times, as there is so much pressure to fit in, makes friends, and be socially accepted. Even if you are confident in yourself and think that you will not crack under the pressure of your peers, you must may once the situation is before you. Some tactics that can help you in staying substance-free where there is the pressure to use are:

  • Insist that you are the designated driver
  • Express your dedication to your athletic program
  • You have personal matters to take care
  • Carry a non-alcoholic beverage with you at parties such as soda or water

Through being confident and assured, you will not have to worry about your friends or others pressuring you to use. If your friends cannot simply accept your willingness to not participate in drug and alcohol use, perhaps you should reconsider your social circle. Friends should always support your decisions especially when it comes to saying no to drugs and alcohol.

Reasons Why Teens Give In

There are countless reasons why teens may crack under the pressure of their peers. Some of these could be:

  • Curiosity
  • Coping with stress
  • Saw it in a movie
  • Wanting to fit in

Even experimenting with drugs or alcohol one time can lead you down a road of substance abuse and addiction. It’s important that you do not allow the pressure to fit in, to influence you to try drugs. It’s important to know the various tactics and strategies when faced with a scenario that may influence you to try drugs or alcohol.  

Those who begin to experiment with drugs and alcohol in their teen years are hindering their ability to perform their best in school. Abusing substances, especially in those with a developing brain is extremely dangerous as your brain is still growing well into your teen years. Any sort of disturbance such as the use of drugs or alcohol may not allow the brain to function at normal capacity.

If you want to prevent peers from pressuring you to use drugs or alcohol, there are various teen support groups that can help you manage peer pressure when you are faced with it.


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