Preventing Addiction Before it Starts

Educating Youth on the Dangers of Addiction

The foundation of a life that is substance-free begins with early education on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. By instilling knowledge of the harms of substance abuse in kids starting at a young age, they will have the knowledge that will allow them to say ‘no’ when offered drugs or alcohol in the future.

With the rise in drug and alcohol use among our youth, it’s important that they understand how experimenting with substances of abuse can lead them down a dangerous road and can result in addiction. We must provide our future generation with evidence-based facts on drug and alcohol abuse in order for it to resonate with them. With the opioid epidemic sweeping the nation, we need to make an effort to inform our future adults about the impact that drug and alcohol abuse has. Preventative measures early on in life are the key to ensuring that your children do not become addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Breaking the Pattern

It’s important that we avoid addiction before it occurs but in order for this to happen, we must invest in educating our future through the help of various resources. When kids have the tools, knowledge, and resources given to them, they are less likely to try drugs and alcohol compared to those who do not. In order for substance abuse to be prevented, the appropriate groundwork needs to be completed. This means addressing issues such as:

  • How to deal with vulnerable situations
  • Discussion of the effects of drugs/alcohol
  • The dangers of substance abuse
  • Avoiding ‘bad crowds’

Since the developing teenage brain is particularly affected by drugs and alcohol, ensuring that they do not even try these substances is crucial to their overall development. Diligence in refraining from substance abuse must be sustained or else teens may be influenced to use.

Parents Role

As parents, it is our duty to ensure that our children are not distracted by drugs and alcohol and we can prevent this by speaking to our children about the harms of drug abuse. We also need to set a good example for our children and this means refraining from using substances. Children and teenagers pick up on everything that adults do and if they see that you are abusing substances, they may follow in your footsteps. The foremost and best prevention for substance abuse begins in the home; this is their largest influence zone.

Parents can have a huge impact on their teen’s ability to say no to drugs and alcohol when they are confronted with a stressful situation. Preventative measures should be taken early on in the household with positive reinforcement which sends healthy messages. By implementing best practices throughout the home, the likelihood of your teen experimenting with drugs and alcohol is lessened.

Through effective prevention measures, teens will be more informed on the dangers of drug abuse and will have more confidence in saying ‘no’ when they are offered. It’s important that you speak with your teen about substance abuse beginning at an early age in order to prevent problems revolving drugs and alcohol later on in life.


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