Getting a Loved One Into Rehabilitation

Providing Guidance to Those in Need

It is never easy to confront a loved one about their substance abuse and how it is taking a toll on both the individual as well as their family. While it may not be easy to speak about their addiction problem, it is an issue that is necessary to confront in order to get them into the right rehabilitation program.

There are several steps that family members can take when approaching the individual about their substance abuse. While the addict may not take too kindly to the idea of rehab at first, it is coming from a place of love. The wellbeing and betterment of the addict’s life and health is of utmost importance and getting them to realize that help is required in order for them to get better is necessary for their recovery.

The Steps to Take

There are a number of steps that individuals can take in order to address their loved one’s addiction problem. Taking the right steps can help get your loved one into rehabilitation so that they can work toward long-lasting addiction recovery.

  • Step #1: Recognize signs and symptoms of addiction
  • Step #2: Speak to your loved one about attending rehabilitation
  • Step #3: Explore treatment options and conduct extensive research on facilities
  • Step #4: Speak to an addiction counselor about the best options available
  • Step #5: Stage an intervention
  • Step #6: Provide unconditional love and support throughout the entire process
  • Step #7: Discuss aftercare options with an addiction specialist

Approaching addiction recovery in the appropriate fashion will help set the stage for a successful response from the individual who is struggling. It’s important that family members do not get angry or upset with the individual that they are trying to help as this will only put additional stress on an already stressful situation. Having patience is the best thing that family members can exhibit during this crucial time.

Transformation Through Recovery

Watching a loved one the struggle with addiction is extremely tough. When an individual completes their addiction recovery program, they will be transformed from an individual of poor, life-threatening habits and a living a life of addiction to one of encouragement and confidence. Sobriety does wonders for those who once were addicted to drugs and alcohol and the transformation is not only mental, it is also physical. The individual will look better while also feeling amazing on a mental level. Not having the weight of addiction on your shoulders is something that will allow you to attain your goals in an easier fashion.

Timing is imperative when assisting a loved one in obtaining help for their addiction. If the individual does not get the appropriate help in order to make a full recovery, their addiction will continue to worsen. Since addiction is a progressive disease, it will continue to worsen until they get help. This can lead to a very dangerous and life-threatening situation as the lifestyle that addicts lead is extremely dangerous. Speak to your loved one about the benefits of seeking treatment as a life of addiction is no life at all.


If you or a loved one needs help with abuse and/or treatment, please call the WhiteSands Treatment at (877) 855-3470. Our addiction specialists can assess your recovery needs and help you get the addiction treatment that provides the best chance for your long-term recovery.

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