Addiction is a Lethal Disease

Immediate Help is Required if you Struggle With Addiction

It is not uncommon for an addict to truly underestimate the power of their drug or alcohol addiction. Whether an individual is abusing prescription drugs or illicit drugs, the abuse of any psychoactive drug is dangerous and inherently harmful to your health and wellbeing.

The longer an individual abuses drugs or alcohol, the shorter their lifespan will be, this is simply the reality of this chronic disease. If you think about other diseases, they typically require treatment in order to manage. The same rule applies to the disease of addiction. If it goes untreated and the individual does not get the appropriate care, they are truly putting their life in danger.

The Imminent Reality of Overdose

With drugs becoming increasingly potent, drug addicts are at an increased risk of overdosing. Drugs that are purchased on the streets may also be laced with powerful agents which can be life-threatening. Unfortunately, too many addicts purchase illicit drugs that are laced with extremely strong agents which puts them at an increased risk of overdose. If an overdose is not caught in time, it can be fatal. The longer that you use drugs and alcohol excessively, the higher risk you are of overdosing.

Long-term drug abuse has extreme physiological and psychological consequences which can often be irreversible. Each and every single time that an individual abuse drugs or alcohol, they are taking precious minutes off of their life expectancy. The opioid epidemic that is plaguing many corners of the U.S. is a major contributor to the rising deaths rates. This class of drug is extremely addictive and once individuals can no longer get their hands on these prescription drugs, they may turn to an illicit and more dangerous version; heroin.

The Lifestyle of an Addict

Addicts lead a very dangerous lifestyle that can land them in some very risky situations. If the drugs themselves do not prove to be fatal to an individual, the lifestyle that addiction leads will. The lifestyle of an addict is one that is full of hazard and risk and can make you partake in activities that can cause illness. Some of the common hazards that addicts face in their dangerous day-to-day lifestyle are:

  • Sharing needles
  • Having unprotected intercourse
  • Imminent risk of an overdose
  • Meeting up with drug dealers

When you are an addict, you spend every minute of your life obsessing over drugs and when you will get your next fix. If you don’t have an adequate supply, every day is a struggle to simply locate enough drugs so that you can take them and not have to endure withdrawal symptoms. Essentially, every single day is a fight to simply survive and it is no way to live your life.

It’s imperative that individuals seek help for their addiction immediately as the disease of addiction is not one that will go away with time. Depending on the severity of the addiction, either inpatient or outpatient treatment will be required.


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