How Nutrition Can Help in the Recovery Process

The Benefits of a Healthy and Well-Balanced Diet

When it comes to addiction recovery, whether it is from drugs or alcohol, a healthy diet is rarely mentioned. In actuality, an individuals diet plays a large role in the recovery process and can help them better manage their sobriety. While recovery from drug or alcohol addiciton is by no means easy, it can be made easier by implementing a healthy and sensible diet.

When an individual is recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction, they are most likely deprived of nutrients and vitamins that are vital to overall health. These individuals may have prioritized their addiction over healthy eating which inevitably takes a toll on the wellbeing of the mind and the body.

A Nourished Body Equals a Healthy Mind

During active recovery, it is essential for individuals to feed their mind and body with foods that are high in nutritional value. If you are not nourished than recovery will be made more difficult. There are several imperative aspects of leading a healthy life that will aid in the recovery process. Some of these are:

  • Eating nutritious foods
  • Getting adequate sleep
  • Partaking in daily exercise and staying active
  • Stay mentally active

Addiction robs the body of essential vitamins and nutrients that are necessary for leading a healthy lifestyle. Just as various diseases can affect a persons’ health, so does the disease of addiction; the fate of addiction leads to malnutrition. With the regular consumption of drugs and alcohol, undernourishment is inevitable. Drugs and alcohol can also curve appetite which leads to skipped meals, sometimes for days on end. Some drugs may have the opposite effect and induce ‘the munchies’ which can result in binge eating on unhealthy foods. 

A Healthy Diet

When an individual is in remission from addiction and following a well-balanced diet, they will experience reduced headaches, better sleep patterns, and an increased level of energy. In turn, this allows the individual to have the energy and mental clarity that will allow them to be productive people of society.

Those who abuse alcohol are particularly prone to a lack of Thiamine in their diet; a vitamin that is essential for heart, kidney, brain and liver health. When the body is lacking this nutrient, the tissues that are responsible for keeping these organs healthy cannot function properly. A proper diet post-recovery can help in getting the body’s nutrition level back up to par so that the individual can feel revived and energized.

It’s important that if you were struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol and are in recovery, that you maintain a well-balanced diet. Not only are you nourishing your body, but you will also notice how energized and clear-minded you are. Since addiction is a relapsing disease, it’s important that you maintain your sobriety by taking the appropriate steps in leading a healthy life. With a healthy life, abstinence will be much easier to maintain. If you or someone you know is struggling, it’s time to get help now.


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