Finding the Foundation of Addiction

Locating the Root Cause of a Substance Abuse Problem

It’s important that when treating an addiction to drugs or alcohol, that the root cause of why the individual is using is identified. Once the foundation of the problem becomes apparent, a treatment program can be put in place that is tailored to the unique needs of the individual. An addiction to drugs or alcohol doesn’t often come out of nowhere and there is likely a driving force as to why the individual is using. This could be a result of peer influence, family history, genetics, or being prescribed powerful painkillers and becoming addicted to them. 

When individuals can speak to a therapist or counselor about their struggles, they are able to open up about certain things in their life that may have influenced them to use. Once this has come to the forefront, it will be easier to make a proper diagnosis and provide the right treatment plan.

Mental Health and Addiction

Those who struggle with an addiciton to drugs or alcohol may have an underlying mental health condition that is at the root cause of the addiction. By working with addiction specialists, it can be determined whether a mental health problem is in fact at the foundation of the individual’s addiction. Oftentimes, medication is required in order to stabilize the individual so that they are mentally prepared to begin treatment. Once the mental health issue is under control, the individual can begin to seek treatment for their substance abuse problem. When an individual is mentally stable, they are able to make the decision to seek treatment whereas, without a proper mindset, they are less likely to get help.

Some of the most common mental health conditions are:

  • Clinical Depression
  • Anxiety
  • OCD
  • ADHD
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Mood Disorders
  • PTSD

If an individual struggles with a mental health disorder, they are at a higher risk of developing an addiciton to drugs and alcohol. It’s important that if you or someone you know may be hiding a mental health disorder to substance abuse disorder, that they get the proper clinical care as soon as possible. 

Identifying the Causes of Addiction

When an individual undergoes an assessment, it will help in determining what sort of issues they are facing as well as what sort of treatment is required. An individual’s response to stress can play an integral role in the state of their mental health. If they do not respond well to stress or they do not respond well to their living situation, job, or family life, then they are at a much higher risk of developing a substance abuse disorder. This is because many individuals leverage the effects of drugs and alcohol in order to cope with certain feelings. This is a very dangerous habit as abusing harmful substances can have long-term and detrimental effects on one’s health and wellbeing.

When individuals seek professional and compassionate guidance, they are able to open up about their struggles so that the proper treatment program can be implemented accordingly. If you or someone you know is struggling, it’s time to get the appropriate help so that you can begin to live a happier and more content life.


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