Prescription Drug Takeback

The Importance of Turning in Your Unused Prescription Medication

The significance of returning prescription drugs cannot be understated. If you have unused and unneeded medications laying around your home, it’s important that you dispose of them safely at a drug disposal location near you. Many police stations, pharmacies, and hospitals will accept your unused medication and dispose of it safely so that it does not get into the hands of others. If you do not have a drop off location near to you, there is a mail-in option available where you can mail your unused prescription medications into a DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) facility.

If you leave your old and unused prescription medication laying around, it may end up in the hands of a child which can pose an extreme danger to their health. Countless hospital emergency visits are a result of children getting a hold of prescription medication and taking them thinking that they are candy or simply not understanding. This can be prevented through diligence and turning in unused prescription medication.

Keeping Your Household Safe

It’s our duty to keep our family, friends, and community safe by properly disposing of prescription medications when they are no longer being used. There are many collection sites located around the country that are prepared to accept your medications. When you turn in your unneeded prescription medications, they will be properly incinerated in order to help prevent these powerful drugs from getting into the hands of others. 

Some of the top reasons why medication disposal is important are:

  • Prevents intentional misuse
  • Averts accidental use
  • Lessens health risks
  • Reduced environmental risks

Nearly 200 overdoses happen each and every day across the U.S. as a result of the misuse and accidental use of opioids. With over 190 million opioid prescriptions being dispenses yearly, it’s no surprise that these powerful medications are getting in the hands of unintended users. Since close to half of all issued prescription medication goes unused, allowing it to sit in your bathroom cabinet only opens up the opportunity for others to get a hold of it. It’s important that citizens take this matter seriously as this is a huge problem being faced by the nation. 

When you turn in your unused prescription medication, you are doing your part in helping others stay safe. Since the drugs will be properly disposed of, there won’t be any chance of them getting into the hands of others


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