Life After Rehab: Best Public Beaches in Tampa

Visit These Tampa Beaches | Addiction Treatment; The Sea Is Good for The Soul

There are so many fun and enjoyable things to do in Tampa, Florida, and the surrounding areas produce plenty of options to get outdoors and be active. There are many groups that individuals can join, such as a kayaking group or a nature walk group where you can meet other individuals who value a healthy lifestyle. If you are struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction or are in remission from dependence, being outdoors and staying physically and mentally engaged are critical factors in sustaining long-term sobriety. Taking part in an active and healthy lifestyle is an excellent holistic means to maintaining long-term sobriety.  

Benefits of Being in Nature 

There are countless benefits of submerging yourself in the beauty of nature. Studies have proven that spending just a few hours each week outside enjoying nature, whether visiting a local park or taking a hike, can substantially boost overall health and mental well-being. Being out in nature during your alcohol rehab in Tampa is not only beautiful to look at, but it also has inherent benefits for your overall health. Spending time outdoors in nature can lower blood pressure, decrease stress hormone levels, calm the nervous system, boost the immune system, improve self-esteem, lessen anxiety, and enhance overall mood.  

When you enjoy nature, you are not glued to your cell phone or sitting in front of a television. Instead, you are soaking up everything that nature offers, including a real sensory experience with beautiful foliage to look at and delicious scents to take in. Fortunately, there are many national parks located throughout the United States that provide the opportunity to admire everything that nature has to offer.

Countless cities offer gorgeous shoreline and beautiful ocean views across the United States, including Tampa, Florida. Breathing in the salty air and walking on the sand as you soak in the warm sun can give you a dose of vitamin D, which has many health benefits in itself.   

Benefits of Walking on Sand 

Walking on send has countless mental and physical benefits. Since sand provides an element of resistance, as you step on the sand, you are strengthening your ankles, leg muscles, and the arches in your feet. Walking on sand also allows you to burn much more calories giving you a full-body workout as you walk across the sand.  

Walking on sand is also an integral part of strength training, as your muscles work hard to maintain traction as you walk across the sand. You are using much more energy when you are walking on sand than on a hard concrete surface, which inherently strengthens the muscle in your feet and your back, calves, and glutes. Studies have shown that the dryer the sand is that you were walking in, the harder your muscles will have to work to get you through the sand.  

Walking on the sand is also very relaxing and is a natural way to manage stress as you take in the ocean’s sound and crashing waves. Another exciting aspect of walking on the sand is that it can facilitate grounding theory. Grounding occurs when the electrical energy emitted from the Earth is absorbed through your bare feet. Studies have shown that those who truly connect to the Earth through walking on sand have a clear mind and are more relaxed overall.  

Benefits of Swimming 

There are so many inherent benefits of swimming for your mental and physical health. Swimming is an excellent form of physical exercise as it puts zero pressure on joints since it is a low-impact sport. Swimming is also fantastic for your cardiovascular health, as well as building endurance, strengthening muscles, and helping you maintain an overall healthy weight.  

Regular swimming can also help your muscles build strength, increase endurance and boost your overall health and well-being. There are also many mental health benefits to swimming. Swimming releases natural feel-good chemicals such as serotonin and endorphins. In turn, individuals experience reduced stress, positivity, a sense of happiness, and overall well-being. Swimming has proven to allow you to mentally and physically respond to stress much better than if you did not partake in a sport that requires physical and mental awareness.  

Swimming also allows you to take your mind off things and keep you mentally and physically occupied. You’re concentrating on your breathing patterns, completing your labs efficiently, and your stroke technique. When you are swimming, you focus solely on what you have to do to stay afloat and regulate your breathing as you work toward your fitness goals. Swimming also improves memory and mood, increases your ability to concentrate, and boosts cognitive functioning. 

Benefits of Relaxing and Being in the Moment 

In the hectic day-to-day life that we lead, it is very easy to get lost in the everyday life’s hustle and bustle. Relaxing and being in the moment can often be more challenging than you think, as our minds are always racing. When you take a moment to truly reflect and be present, you are giving your mind a break that it needs from the often overwhelming lives that we lead.  

By taking time every day to reflect and be present, you are partaking in self-care. Whether you want to be present when you are in the forest, in your room, writing in your journal, or taking a relaxing bath, whatever you need to do to take some time for yourself is extremely beneficial for your mental health.   

Mindfulness and awareness can help reduce the symptoms that come with generalized anxiety and clinical depression. When you are present, you are in tune with everything that is happening in the very moment. You are not concentrating on what was happening earlier or what is happening later; you are merely enjoying the moment you are in. Mindfulness and being present are part of many addiction recovery treatment plans as they help individuals become attuned with themselves, allowing them to see how far they have come in their journey toward long-lasting sobriety. 

Beaches Near Tampa  

Tampa, Florida is home to some of the nation’s most renowned beaches. With soft white sand, gorgeous palm trees, a crystal blue ocean, and a warm salty breeze, it’s no wonder that people from all over flock to Tampa to soak up the sun and the gorgeous ocean views.  

Let’s take a look at some of the top beaches in Tampa.  

Ben T Davis Beach

Ben T Davis Beach is a must-see in the Tampa area. Enjoy the gorgeous white sandy beaches and blue ocean water as you take in the warm sun rays. Be sure to stay until sunset as the beach has optimal sunset views. There are a number of picnic areas here that feature shelters and a boat launch and snack bar.  

7740 W Courtney Campbell Causeway, Tampa, FL 33607

Mobbly Bayou Beach Park

 Mobbly Bayou Beach Park is the perfect place to spend an afternoon with friends and family. Pack a picnic and enjoy sheltered picnic areas scattered throughout the park. There is also a place to launch your kayak or canoe so you can enjoy the scenery by a self-guided tour.  

805 Shore Dr E, Oldsmar, FL 34677 

Cypress Point Park

Cypress Point Park is a beautiful park located on Tampa’s sandy shores and features various picnic areas for visitors to enjoy. There are also hiking trails here for those who want to enjoy the blue ocean water for a few hours and then get their exercise in. There is also a small boat launch where you can launch your canoe or kayak and take a self-guided tour around the area.  

5620 W Cypress St, Tampa, FL 33607

Picnic Island Beach Dog Park

If you are looking to spend a day at the beach with your furry friend, look no further than Picnic Island Beach Dog Park. The off-leash dog park and beach is the perfect spot to let your dog run until his/her heart’s content. Dogs and their owners alike can take a dip in the warm ocean water and soak in the tranquility that this park has to offer.  

7409 Picnic Island Blvd, Tampa, FL 33616 

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The sooner you get in to help, the quicker you can regain control of your life. Since addiction is a chronic disease, it will continue to worsen the longer you wait to get into treatment. Please pick up the phone and call us now.

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