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After Rehab in Orlando

As a chronic condition, addiction must be managed long-term. If you’re completing a rehab program for drug or alcohol addiction, you’ll be tasked to manage your addiction, as well, using the strategies you learned during treatment. It’s essential to keep your recovery journey on track to protect your sobriety as well as your health. Therapists frequently advise clients to embrace new activities and discover new interests to maintain their recovery goals. Orlando features a wide range of colleges and universities that may provide people in recovery the opportunity to explore new interests or even pursue a degree.

Goal setting is an integral part of post-rehab recovery. Whether you’ve never attended college, wish to complete a degree, or are considering achieving a graduate degree, you might consider enrolling at an Orlando school. Education is a positive way for a person to spend their time. Learning encourages personal growth. If an academic field resonates with you or wants to change your career, you can enroll and obtain an education supporting your goals.

Naturally, there are many paths that one may take to long-term recovery. College education or even just a few university classes can support a healthy lifestyle. Some people might choose to volunteer during their free time or pursue fitness goals. Some people choose to engage in many different activities to fill their time with healthful lifestyle choices. Once a person abandons their former lifestyle and ceases to use drugs or alcohol, they suddenly have much more time. In order to avoid falling back into those former lifestyle habits and traps, it’s important to fill that time wisely.

If you are returning to your Orlando home, consider enrolling in a college or university course or degree program. Besides academic pursuits, colleges also feature many other activities and amenities that can support a healthy lifestyle. There are opportunities to engage in sports or intramural programs, theatre productions, study groups, and various events that allow people to enjoy an enriching university experience. Once you leave rehab, you, too, might consider attending college or university in some capacity.

Even when attending school, it’s also important to consider attending aftercare as well. Studying and pursuing a degree can be stressful, so be sure you manage your stress with help if you need it. Some schools offer support groups. You can also attend an aftercare support group so you can meet with other people in recovery. Changing your life and transforming can be challenging, but having challenging goals is good for you so long as you can effectively manage your stress and keep your recovery on track.

Orlando is located near a wide array of universities and colleges. These institutions offer many degree programs and certifications. The schools attract students of all ages. Some people attend to study for new careers that require an undergraduate or advanced degree. Others want to enjoy a few classes that support their interests. A college degree can help a person become more competitive in their chosen career field. It can also help them earn more income. It can provide them with a positive way to spend their time recovering from drug addiction or alcohol addiction.

If you decide to attend an Orlando college or university, you’ll want to take time to explore your options by learning about each school’s academic programs and classes. It would help if you also considered the extracurricular activities and on-campus amenities the school offers. You may want to consider the cost to attend each school and their location in reference to your home. Today, many students are also interested in schools that feature online classes or hybrid programs. These criteria can help you decide where to apply. Keep in mind that some universities are renowned for a particular area of study. For instance, some colleges may be noted for their business or education programs. Such a program might be the right choice for you.

Once you choose a college or university, you’ll need to complete your application. If you’ve been out of school for a long time, the idea of taking entrance exams may be daunting. Don’t let that put you off from your pursuits. In fact, many colleges have special programs for such individuals. The best thing to do when completing an application is to discuss your plans with a college admissions counselor. They are always happy to assist prospective students. They can also advise you about how to pursue financial aid if that’s part of your plan.

Studying and taking coursework at a university can be a magnificent experience. Learning is an investment in your future, but it can also help you keep your recovery on track. Get to know the colleges and universities in the Orlando area. One might be ideal for you. If you have questions about setting goals, talk to your therapist. Discuss your plans so you can get some assistance with the enrollment process. Your therapist may be able to advise you about local support groups or provide advice that’s specific to your queries about area colleges.

Orlando Colleges in the Area

Orlando, Florida, and its surrounding area is home to many colleges and universities. These are the most popular schools in the area, but others are further afield and may also serve your needs. After leaving rehab, consider attending one. Here are a few well-known options to keep in mind:

Stetson University

Founded in 1883, Stetson University features an enrollment of roughly 4,400 students. The university offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Some of these programs include Accounting, Business Law, Computer Science, Biochemistry, English, Molecular Biology, Music, Public Management, and Marketing. This private university also features a wide range of academic and social clubs for interested students.

421 N Woodland Blvd, DeLand, FL 32723

University of Central Florida

The University of Central Florida features 230 academic undergraduate degree programs and has an enrollment of more than 70,000 students. It also features graduate degree programs. The university’s main campus is located downtown. Students may attend in-person classes or online courses. Some of the school’s most popular degree programs include Advertising/Public Relations, Biomedical Sciences, Art, Civil Engineering, Film, Information Technology, Journalism, Legal Studies, Nursing, and more.

4000 Central Florida Blvd, Orlando, FL 32816

Valencia College

Valencia College offers more than 130-degree programs and is known for its affordable quality education. Valencia College began as a community college but has expanded to provide many Bachelor Degrees too. Students attend Valencia College to take coursework in education, Communications, Information Technology, Hospitality, Public Safety, Social Sciences, and more.

701 N Econlockhatchee Trail, Orlando, FL 32825

Seminole State College of Florida

Seminole State College of Florida features an enrollment of more than 17,000 students. The college is known for its affordable tuition. It features a wide array of programs in areas of study such as Engineering Technologies, Interior Design, Health Sciences, Nursing, Project Management, Accounting, Business Administration, Digital Media, Respiratory Care, Journalism, and more.

850 Seminole Ave, Altamonte Springs, FL 32701

Columbia College

Columbia College is a private college that was founded in 1881. A liberal arts and science college, Columbia is known for its small class sizes and various degree programs. It offers day, evening, and online courses. Some of its most popular areas of study include Business Administration, Cybersecurity, Environmental Science, Graphic Design, Finance, Health Services, International Business, Marketing, and Real Estate.

2600 Technology Dr #100, Orlando, FL 32804

Transitioning back to your life after rehab can be a bit overwhelming, but when you have plans and goals, they can help you keep your recovery on track. Attending college or university is a great way to spend your time. Pursuing an academic degree can enrich your life in numerous ways. Fortunately, Orlando is home to many colleges and universities that offer flexible study programs. If you have family obligations or a job, you may still be able to fit college classes into your schedule. Evening and online courses will allow you to study even if you can’t attend in person at all times.

Get to know the colleges and universities outlined here to see if they can help you meet your goals. Remember to talk to the school’s admission staff for assistance with your application or to help you apply for financial aid. Once you choose a school and enroll, you’ll want to focus on reaching your goals. As you study, you’ll find that your academic pursuits support your sober lifestyle.

Even if you don’t attend college full-time, taking a few courses or even just one in an area that interests you can help you spend your time wisely so that you don’t fall back into unhealthy patterns. Filling your time with healthful activities is a key to successful addiction management. Contact WhiteSands for the best drug rehab treatment in Orlando!

If you or a loved one needs help with abuse and/or treatment, please call the WhiteSands Treatment at (877) 855-3470. Our addiction specialists can assess your recovery needs and help you get the addiction treatment that provides the best chance for your long-term recovery.

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