Sober Friendly Activities:
Farmers Markets in Tampa  

When you are in remission from drug or alcohol addiction, it is important to stay active and engaged in your recovery and do so by taking part in sober-friendly activities. Luckily, Tampa, Florida offers an abundant selection of sober-friendly activities to partake in that will help you stay focused and involved in your recovery. 

One of the healthiest activities involves going to local farmer’s markets to buy fresh produce. Let’s take a look at the top farmer’s markets in Tampa: 

Tampa Bay Farmers Market

The Tampa Bay Farmers Market is a must-see if you are a resident or visitor alike. The market offers visitors the opportunity to browse around the various vendors that sell fresh market fruits, vegetables, and canned preserves. They also sell local honey here, which residents rave about. During the holidays, such as Halloween, they have a pumpkin patch and a corn maze. 

10001 N Armenia Ave, Tampa, FL 33612

Sanwa Farmer’s Market

If you are looking for the perfect spot to pick up the freshest fruits and vegetables, look no further than Sanwa Farmer’s Market. The market offers a large variety of fruits, vegetables, seafood, and meats. It is a one-stop-shop for everything that you need for your week. They also provide a selection of fresh herbs and spices to choose from as well.  

2621 E Hillsborough Ave, Tampa, FL 33610

Ybor City Saturday Market

Ybor City Saturday Market is one of the largest farmer’s markets in the Tampa Bay area and is also the best farmer’s market to visit on the weekends. The market boasts a large selection of fresh produce offered by a number of different vendors. You can also get fresh nuts, spices, and canned goods here. 

1901 N 19th St, Tampa, FL 33605

Temple Terrace Farmers Market

Temple Terrace Farmers Market is an absolute must-visit if you are in the Tampa area. Not only do they offer a wide variety of fresh produce, but they also offer made-to-order cakes, pastries, and desserts. So many vendors offer different food and produce options, so be prepared to fill your shopping cart up with the freshest and finest fruits, veggies, and desserts.  

11302 N 56th St, Temple Terrace, FL 33617

Tampa Wholesale Produce Market

If you are looking for the freshest produce at a place that offers the most extensive variety, look no further than Tampa Wholesale Produce Market. The market offers visitors the chance to browse a vast selection of fresh produce as well as freshly butchered meats. It’s a great place to get everything you need to host your next get-together.  

2801 E Hillsborough Ave, Tampa, FL 33610

Why Farmers Markets Are Great  

Farmer’s markets have always been an attraction nationwide, and even on an international basis, as they bring people closer together and more connected with their community. When you visit a farmer’s market, you support local farmers and local-run businesses that are genuine and run by people who wholeheartedly love what they do. The vendors at farmer’s markets are transparent, and you can have peace of mind knowing that what you purchase here hasn’t gone through a robust labor process or been shipped here from overseas and other countries.  

Buying local helps support these small companies that work hard and genuinely want to provide healthy, quality products to their consumers. Having organic food options available means that you don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals and preservatives that are often added to the large-scale supply chain produce we purchase from grocery stores. 

When you visit these markets, you connect to your community and meet other people who value the same sort of thing that you do: good locally-sourced quality food. You can feel better about what you put in your body when purchased through a local vendor and local farmers. Not only does it taste better, but you are helping these small businesses stay afloat so they can continue to offer the public the best.  

Great-Tasting Organic Food
Is Great for A Healthy Body 

There are so many benefits of choosing organic food when nourishing your body and mind. Not only does organic food taste better, but it also contains higher levels of nutrients and vitamins than regular food items. This is because the nutrients and vitamins are not lost in the cultivation and transportation process during the supply chain endeavor. When you purchase organic items, you are often buying locally-produced foods, so the period between when they are harvested and sold to you is very short.  

Some of the nutrients vital to our body’s overall health and wellness that are more prevalent in organic food are magnesium, Vitamin C, phosphorus, and iron. When you purchase organic foods, you are not exposing yourself to toxic chemicals, and pesticides often present when mass quantities of produce are being produced. This ultimately reduces your risk of falling ill due to the consumption of harmful substances entering your body.  

Studies have shown that organic crops also have a higher concentration of antioxidants that are inherently beneficial in humans’ overall health. Antioxidants are essential for our health as they reduce our chances of certain diseases such as cardiovascular disease and several degenerative diseases.  

Reducing your intake of non-organic, conventionally-grown foods can lessen your exposure to heavy metals, herbicides, toxic hormones, artificial chemicals, synthetic hormones, and bacteria. Over time, the consumption of these chemicals results in a buildup of toxins in the kidneys and liver, which can have detrimental effects on your health. Studies suggest that the most vulnerable groups, such as those with underlying health conditions, kids, pregnant women, the elderly, and those struggling with allergies, are most susceptible to these toxins’ harmful consequences.  

When you purchase and consume organic produce, you are consulting items that are grown with natural fertilizers such as compost and manure. Instead of weeds being controlled in natural ways, such as using chemicals herbicides, weed growth is controlled through natural processes such as hand-weeding, crop rotation, tilling, and mulching. 

Pests can be a big problem when it comes to organically-grown produce, and in conventional operations, pests, bugs, and rodents are controlled through the use of synthetic pesticides. These pesticides are extremely hazardous to our health and have long-term effects as well. When you eat organically-grown foods, pests, bugs, and rodents are controlled via natural methods such as birds and traps.  

Organic food is also much fresher than its conventional counterpart making it more nutrient-rich and full of flavor. It is also much better from an environmental standpoint to purchase organic as doing so reduces the use of hazardous pesticides, lessens pollution, preserves and conserves water, boosts soil fertility, and requires less energy.  

It does not often come to mind the mental and emotional aspect of organic food, but there is a connection to this category of food’s psychological elements. When you are supporting locally-sourced organic foods producers, you create a relationship between you and regional farmers. You can feel good about not only helping them, but you can feel great about what you are consuming and providing for your family.  

There is no doubt that organic foods are better for your health and well-being and the environment and local farming sustainability. Without organic food options, we would have no choice but to expose ourselves to the harmful toxins and chemicals used in traditional and standard cultivating food methods. If organic options are available, it is highly advised that you consider purchasing these instead of the toxin-filled alternative. When you feel good about the food that you are eating because you are more aware of its source, you can better appreciate it as you know the small local supply chain that it has gone through.  

Organic food aids in overall wellness and has proven to have countless health benefits. Feel better about what you put into your body, and be sure to fuel it with healthy, nutrient-rich foods. By doing so, you are giving your body and mind what it needs to succeed in excellent overall health. Contact WhiteSands Alcohol & Drug Rehab Tampa to speak with someone about seeking detox or rehab. 

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