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Recovery Friendly Activities: Farmers Markets in Orlando

Many people find it challenging to fill their time after recovering from drug and alcohol addiction in Orlando. During their stay at rehab, their days are structured and lined with activities to help with recovery. Once they are out of treatment, they find they have much more free time that used to be taken up from the use of alcohol or drugs. Boredom can be a trigger for relapse for many.

Living in a rehab facility, they are surrounded by a support network of people who all have the same goals for one another. Once they are back at home, they may not have the same support system, and people they previously used drugs and alcohol with may come around again. Finding a new social circle with people who back their new, healthy lifestyle can be vital for maintaining sobriety.

Also, recovering people’s bodies have adjusted to everyday activities while under the influence. Now that they have a new life, it is time to discover new hobbies and activities to enjoy and promote sobriety. One of these ways is by going to farmer’s markets. They offer such a wide variety of health benefits while making food shopping feel less like a chore and more of a fun outing.

Farmer’s markets have been an exceedingly popular weekend activity for many people and can offer a wide range of health, social and economic benefits. It can offer such a wide range of experiences in one place. This is just one of many activities that a person in recovery can add to their weekly routine and a place to meet new people who can nurture their life and be a doorway to other healthy activities.

Florida’s warm temperature allows for year-round growing seasons. It has an ideal climate for a wide variety of produce and livestock such as citrus, cucumbers, watermelons, squash, tomatoes, and bell peppers. Florida’s Department of Agriculture has a wonderful guide to help you know what is currently in season. Thanks to Orlando’s central location in the state, it offers access to some of the best produce and farmer’s markets. Be sure to remember to bring your reusable grocery bags and maybe even a cooler with an icepack you can leave in the car to place your purchases in if you plan on staying a while. Here we have included some of Orlando’s best farmers markets:

Winter Garden Farmer’s Market

Located in Historic Winter Garden, Florida, which is just west of Orlando, it is open every Saturday from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. Offering a wide variety of options, you can do most of your grocery shopping here. This dog-friendly market includes organic produce, baked goods, spices, honey, handmade products, and even live music. There are even cute shops and restaurants around it.

104 S Lakeview Ave, Winter Garden, FL 34787

Lake Mary Farmers Market

This farmer’s market is located in Central Park Lake Mary, a suburban city in the Greater Orlando area. You can enjoy fresh produce, meats, orchids, assorted nuts, handmade jewelry, and crafts, as well as large and small plants. The market also includes live music and great views with plenty of parking.

100 N Country Club Rd, Lake Mary, FL 32746

Maitland Farmer’s Market

Maitland is another lovely suburban city right outside Orlando. The market sits along the walkway around Lake Lily, which offers stunning views, the opportunity to observe the wildlife, a playground, and public restrooms. It is open every Sunday from 9 am to 2 pm with entertainment provided by Performing Arts of Maitland. This is an excellent option if you are looking for something a little quieter than the other farmer’s markets but still offers diverse vendors, including snacks, coffee, organic produce, and even a local beekeeper.

701 Lake Lily Drive Maitland, FL 32751

Winter Park Farmer’s Market

This farmer’s market features many plant and flower vendors, making it a gardener’s paradise. They also have great produce, food trucks, dessert vendors, and other homemade treats, so make sure to come hungry. Every Saturday from 8 am to 1 pm, the market takes place, except on the third Saturday in March due to the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival.

200 W New England Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789

Clermont Farmers Market  

Lovely downtown Clermont hosts this farmer’s market every Sunday from 9 am to 1 pm. Besides offering hot food, fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh seafood, and handmade crafts, they also have live music and a petting zoo.

620 W Montrose St, Clermont, FL 34711

Why Farmers Markets are Great for Sober Living

You do not need to spend money at a farmer’s market to sow (pun intended) its benefits. They offer a great excuse to be outside and get some exercise. Walking is a great and easy exercise choice. Many of us feel that we are not doing much for our bodies if we are not getting a hard workout. But getting just 30 minutes of walking a day can significantly improve your physical and mental health. You will be distracted while shopping and looking at all the beautiful sights, smells and sounds, that it will not even feel like exercise. Get some extra steps in by parking further away or, if possible, walking to your local farmer’s market.

Strolling a farmer’s market can also help you get some fresh air and sun. Getting regular doses of vitamin D helps your body keep strong muscles, bones, and teeth while also boosting your immune system. Studies show, getting some sun can help boost serotonin, which helps fight off depression and anxiety and can also help you sleep at night by regulating your sleep and wake cycles. Fresh air and open spaces can not only help clear your lungs but also your mind.

Farmer’s markets can also help stimulate all five of your senses, which is a great way to keep your mind active and increase all those good brain chemicals to maintain sobriety. After rehab, people’s minds are much clearer, and it may have been a long time that their senses were truly inspired. You can get your form of color therapy from experiencing a wide range of produce, plants, and foods. There may be brand new smells from cooked foods, art, people, and even pets. Many farmer’s markets also offer free live music, which studies show can help you live a longer, happier life. Vendors at farmer’s markets will also provide samples of their product, or you can purchase fully cooked meals, helping your experience new tastes.

Great-Tasting Organic Food
Is Great For A Healthy Body 

Many people go to farmer’s markets for the fresh, organic, and wide range of healthy foods you can purchase. It is well known that nutrition is an essential aspect of any healthy lifestyle, but it is even more important for someone recovering from addiction. Good nutrition plays a crucial role in brain chemistry, which affects mood. Getting a wide range of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and good protein will help your body heal itself. Alcohol and drugs have been known to cause vitamin deficiencies, so it is vital to rebuild your reserves. Eating organic foods helps give the body a break from filtering out unwanted chemicals after a drug and alcohol detox, allowing you to feel your best. A healthy diet can be another tool to help you fight your addictions.

Another great benefit of getting your food from a farmer’s market is that it is seasonal and locally sourced. Foods that are grown and eaten in their season are nutritionally denser. They are ripened naturally, eliminating the need for gases and chemicals to either stop or start the ripening processes when transported long distances. The natural ripening allows them to taste better.

There are also many social benefits to going to a farmer’s market. Studies show that people are more likely to go with a friend to a farmer’s market than a regular supermarket. Also, you have the chance to interact with many people who are also living a healthy lifestyle. This is a place to help foster relationships with people who will support a road to recovery. Many vendors are happy to meet and talk to new people and help you with meal ideas involving their product.

Having access to a great variety of foods can help inspire you to try some new recipes. They also tend to sell plants and herbs, which may help discover you have a green thumb of your own. You may also find yourself researching and learning on better nutrition habits. Many markets also have art, jewelry, and craft vendors, which may inspire you to explore your artistic side.

You will also be helping the local economy. The products sold here may be less expensive than your local supermarket because you are getting them locally and straight from the grower.

If you are looking for new activities to do on your own or with loved ones after rehab, a trip to one of these farmer’s markets might be what you needed.

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