Timeline For Recovering From Xanax Addiction

Know the Stages of Recovering From Addiction to Xanax

If you suffer from a Xanax addiction, you may need to enter a rehab program to get the help you need. It’s helpful to understand a little more about the Xanax addiction recovery timeline so you can know what to expect in the days and weeks ahead as you get your life back on track.

A Xanax addiction recovery timeline is unique to each person’s condition and situation, but there are guidelines to help you understand how long withdrawal and treatment will take. How much Xanax you’ve been using and for how long you’ve been abusing this drug will all affect how long the withdrawal stages of your recovery will last.

There are four stages involved in a Xanax addiction recovery timeline. An early, middle, and final stage entails the duration and symptoms associated with detox and withdrawal. The treatment process stage can be a combination of detox, Xanax addiction treatment, and holistic treatment methods that will lead to long-term recovery.

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What Is Xanax?

Xanax is a drug prescribed by physicians to treat panic disorders and feelings of severe anxiety, which often stem from depression. This sedative drug can help manage persistent feelings of stress and worry, but it can cause a Xanax addiction.

About Xanax Addiction

Anyone taking Xanax can acquire an addiction to this substance, whether you’re taking it as ordered by your doctor or using it recreationally. When taken over a long period, you can develop a tolerance to Xanax, causing you to need higher and larger doses of the drug to achieve the same feelings of calm that initial doses provided.

What Is Withdrawal?

Withdrawal is when you stop taking a particular substance, or you drastically lessen the amount you’ve been using. Withdrawal can cause physical, emotional, and mental symptoms when you discontinue using a drug like Xanax. Your brain and body have gotten used to a certain amount of the drug being used over time. When you suddenly stop taking Xanax, you can feel very sick and experience a wide variety of withdrawal symptoms that can be uncomfortable or even dangerous to your health as your system reacts to the absence of this drug.

Symptoms and Stages of Xanax Withdrawal

The first stage involved in a Xanax addiction recovery timeline is withdrawal to cleanse your system of the drug. During the Xanax detox phase of recovery, you may experience several symptoms and go through a few different stages.

The early stages of Xanax withdrawal can be challenging, especially in the first hours and then the next three or four days after your last dose of the drug. Headaches, sleeplessness, anxiety, paranoia, and depression can occur. More dangerous symptoms, such as seizures or convulsions, require medical intervention, which is why undergoing withdrawal from Xanax is best done through a medically assisted detox program in a rehab facility.

Xanax withdrawal after five to 14 days is a middle stage that can cause uncomfortable symptoms to linger, but not as intently as the early stages. The final stage in the Xanax addiction recovery timeline will mark 14 days after your last dose of the drug. However, some individuals enter this stage months later if their Xanax addiction is severe. Some anxiety may continue to be felt, but significant improvement is typically accomplished with rehab treatment and therapy within 30 days.

Comprehensive Treatment For Xanax Addiction at WhiteSands

The detox period of recovery from Xanax addiction is a vital step in the right direction. Still, to successfully find long-term sobriety, it’s best to opt for the comprehensive rehab programs we can provide you at the facilities for WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab. After detox, it’s easy to think you’re cured, but the truth is that addiction is a chronic disease that requires therapy and rehab treatment to achieve lasting success in recovery. Our addiction experts can customize a treatment program to help you overcome your Xanax addiction in a safe and comfortable environment.

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