What Is The Process of Recovering From Alcohol Addiction Like?

Steps to Recovering From Alcoholism

Recovering from alcohol addiction is a process that takes time and patience but can ultimately allow you to regain control of your life and grow in countless ways. There are many steps on the road to recovery from alcoholism, but let’s start with information about this disease to help you better understand how to get the help you need.

What Is Alcoholism?

Someone with alcoholism doesn’t have the ability to manage how much or how often they drink. Alcohol addiction can make you feel as though you can’t get through a typical day without drinking. You may crave alcohol when you’re not drinking, put alcohol ahead of your personal or work responsibilities and act differently after you’ve been drinking.

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Alcohol Abuse vs. Alcohol Dependence

Someone who abuses alcohol will continue to drink even when their alcohol intake is negatively affecting their lives. An alcohol abuser can experience problems within their personal relationships, at work, with law enforcement, and even experience serious health issues but will not stop drinking. A person who abuses alcohol can set limits on their drinking, but their use of liquor can become self-destructive and may lead to alcohol dependence.

Having alcohol dependence includes harboring an intense craving or a need to drink alcohol. Someone dependent on alcohol suffers withdrawal symptoms when they stop drinking. They’ve acquired a tolerance for alcohol and need to drink more and more to achieve the effects they’ve had in the past. 

Stages of Alcohol Recovery

Recovering from alcohol addiction takes work, time, a desire to change, and the support of others. There is no quick fix for recovering from alcoholism, but you can discover long-term sobriety as you complete the stages of alcohol recovery in rehab.

The four stages of alcohol recovery include:

  • Entering a rehab program
  • Finding early abstinence
  • Maintaining your sobriety
  • Going into your advanced recovery period

Alcohol Intervention

Close family and friends of someone with alcoholism may want to get their loved one the help they need for recovering from alcohol addiction by conducting an alcohol intervention. 

This process is a structured way to help someone with alcohol addiction realize how their behaviors negatively affect themselves and everyone in their lives. The ultimate goal is to get the person struggling with alcoholism to enter an alcohol rehab program.

Alcohol Detox

Alcohol detox is the first stage in treatment for recovering from alcoholism. Cleansing the system of all traces of alcohol can be accomplished safely, with less discomfort and life-threatening complications, when done under the supervision of an addiction rehab treatment staff.

Alcohol Rehab

Recovering from alcohol addiction often requires the professional help of an alcohol rehab program. Finding the help you need after deciding to turn your life around can be accomplished when discussing your condition and history candidly with an admissions counselor.

Therapies Used to Treat Alcoholism

The types of therapy used to treat alcoholism will help you tremendously as you’re recovering from alcohol addiction. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) helps manage cravings and assists in avoiding relapse by helping you understand the patterns in life that might lead you to drink again. 

Dialectical behavioral therapy combines individual counseling sessions with group therapy meetings that focus on building skills to help manage cravings, triggers and learn effective coping skills.

Other therapies involve motivational interviewing to reduce alcohol use and contingency management to reinforce positive changes in behavior.

Outpatient Treatment for Alcoholism

If you’re ready to begin recovering from alcoholism, you might take advantage of outpatient alcohol rehab programs. As an outpatient, you will come to therapy sessions and still be able to remain living at home, going to work, or attending school as you work on recovery. 

Aftercare for Alcohol Recovery

Recovering from alcohol addiction is a significant accomplishment, but it’s not a cure. Alcoholism is a chronic disease that needs continual attention, which brings us to aftercare programs. These provide you with continued assistance and support to give you the greatest chance of sustaining long-term recovery.

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