Root Causes of Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Whether you are dealing with a widely recognized illness like cancer or heart disease or a less easily understood sickness like drug addiction or alcoholism, getting to the root cause is a vital first step to getting better. Treatment for a heart condition will be much less effective if the patient continues to gorge on hamburgers and French fries. Treatment for drug addiction will be ineffective without first identifying the factors that made the habit possible in the first place.

When it comes to alcoholism and drug addiction, finding what causes addiction and addressing them at the source remains the key to effective recovery, and that is what we offer at WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab. No matter what caused your trauma, we will delve deep, uncover the root causes of your addiction or alcoholism, and treat them properly.

What Is Addiction?

Addiction is a common affliction, yet it is still not widely understood. The term addiction can describe a dependency on just about anything, from relatively innocuous substances like coffee and chocolate bars to more dangerous ones like heroin and cocaine. But no matter what the substance, the dependency is at the heart of the addiction.

Sometimes the dependency in question is physical, complete with painful withdrawal symptoms and intense cravings. Other times, the dependency is mainly psychological, with powerful desires and emotional instability when the substance is withdrawn. But no matter what the nature of the addiction, the staff at WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab has the expertise needed to help you heal.

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Factors That Can Lead to Addiction

Whether you are working toward your own recovery or trying to help an addicted friend or family member, it is essential to understand that addiction is not a single disease with a single cause. Instead, addiction, alcoholism, and all other forms of substance use disorder are multifaceted disorders, with various root causes and many individual risk factors.

Some of the factors that can make an individual more susceptible to alcoholism, drug addiction, and other types of substance use disorder include:

  • Genetic predisposition – While having the wrong genes does not doom you to a lifetime of drug abuse and alcoholism; strong evidence exists that substance use disorder often runs in families. If a parent or other close relative struggled with addiction, you should be especially vigilant about your own use of any substances, even legal ones like alcohol.
  • Environmental conditions – Factors in the environment, like the drug use of those in your circle of friends, can make it more likely that you will also abuse alcohol or drugs. If others you know are using drugs, it is important to use caution, possibly even cutting ties if they are unwilling to get help or seek treatment.
  • Past traumas – A history of trauma, including childhood physical, emotional or sexual abuse or experiencing domestic violence as an adult, can predispose you to alcoholism or drug abuse. If you have PTSD or have a history of trauma, it is vital to seek help for the underlying trauma, as doing so could prevent you from self-medicating with alcohol or drugs.
  • Undiagnosed mental health challenges – People who use drugs and alcohol often do so in an attempt to treat their mental health challenges. These kinds of self-medication attempts are common in addiction, and effective treatment will hinge on treating the underlying mental illness and emotional fragility.

Addiction Treatment That Heals the Root Causes of Addiction

When it comes to treating drug addiction and alcoholism, it is not enough to independently treat substance abuse. Addiction and alcoholism do not arise in a vacuum and cannot be adequately treated without delving deep into the history of the addicts and alcoholics.

No one sets out to become an addict or alcoholic, and these forms of substance use disorder have deep roots that must be addressed to help the individuals involved heal. When you begin your journey to a better life at WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug, we will work hard to uncover what causes addiction or alcoholism, giving you insight into what happened and what needs to happen to reach the better life you know is waiting on the other side.

Your drug or alcohol rehab journey to that better life begins with a single phone call, and we invite you to pick up that phone today and give us a call. We offer addiction treatment at many Florida locations that heals the body, mind, and spirit while addressing the root causes of your drug or alcohol dependency issues.

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