Alcohol Poisoning Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment

The Dangers of Alcohol Poisoning 

When an individual has alcohol poisoning, they are experiencing alcohol overdose. The individual may go in and out of consciousness and have difficulty breathing as their heart rate has slowed down tremendously, and their body is going through all the motions of a full-on overdose. Alcohol abuse can quickly turn into alcoholism, and alcohol use disorder (AUD) is a substantial nation-wide problem that affects many communities.  

What Is Alcohol Poisoning? 

Alcohol is absorbed rapidly throughout your system, unlike food, where it is processed through your liver and metabolized. Alcohol poisoning occurs when an individual drinks an excessive amount of alcohol in a short period. Consuming a large quantity of alcohol in a short period has highly adverse effects on your body and can lead to coma or can even be fatal. 

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Who Is Most at Risk of Alcohol Poisoning? 

Alcohol abuse and alcoholism do not discriminate based on age, gender, sex, ethnicity, or socioeconomic background. Anyone can be affected and impacted by alcohol abuse. The descent into alcoholism is a gradual one and can very well begin throughout an individual’s college years. College students are a group that is highly susceptible to alcohol poisoning. College students account for close to half of episodic drinking.  

Binge drinking presents a significant problem among college students and can become a habit for those who count on their weekends to have fun and drink. College often brings the added pressure to ‘fit in.’ Many students will do almost anything to be accepted by a social circle and conform to a specific ‘norm.’ This can ultimately spiral into problem drinking, leading to alcoholism and alcohol abuse disorder (AUD).  

Others who are at risk for alcohol poisoning are: 

  • Pregnant women  
  • Veterans 
  • The homeless 
  • Medical professionals 
  • Legal professionals   

Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol Poisoning 

Some of the signs and symptoms that an individual is experiencing alcohol poisoning and alcohol overdose are: 

  • Loss of balance and coordination  
  • Confusion  
  • Passing out and becoming unconsciousness 
  • Low body temperature can result in hypothermia  
  • Seizures 
  • Committing 
  • Irregular breathing 
  • Slow breathing  
  • Blue or pale skin 
  • Clammy skin 

If an individual is experiencing these signs and symptoms after consuming a large amount of alcohol, immediate medical attention is required. Getting the individual stabilized is crucial and is of the absolute essence as when these symptoms are being experienced, it becomes a life or death situation.  

What to Do if Alcohol Poisoning Occurs 

If you notice someone around you shows signs of alcohol poisoning, the best action to take is to call 911 immediately. Alcohol poisoning is an emergency and requires medical attention. If the individual is unresponsive and unconscious, this is indicative of an alcohol overdose. 

Once you have contact emergency help, local emergency and medical care will arrive on the scene, where they will ask a series of questions to understand the situation at hand better. It’s vital that you do not leave the unconscious person alone as someone going through alcohol poisoning will have a compromised gag reflex, making them susceptible to choking on their own vomit resulting in the inability to breathe.  

Alcohol Detox and Rehab at WhiteSands 

For those who are struggling with an alcohol abuse problem or alcoholism, treatment is necessary. WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab provides alcohol rehab and medically assisted detox to those struggling with alcohol use disorder (AUD). When patients first enter treatment, they will begin stage one of the recovery process, a period of medically assisted detoxification. They will be gradually and effectively be weaned off alcohol in a controlled and monitored environment during this time.  

Alcohol rehab has proven to be highly effective in helping patients overcome and manage their addiction. Patients can look forward to a future that is no longer controlled by their addiction through comprehensive treatment. Contact the staff at WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab or visit one of our many facilities in Florida

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