Speedballing: The Risks of Combining Heroin and Cocaine

The Dangerous Combination of Heroin and Cocaine

Cocaine and heroin are already two of the most dangerous drugs on the street, but their toxicity rises to even greater levels when the two are combined. The combination of heroin and cocaine, something addicts call a speedball, is an especially harmful drug combination, raising the risk of overdose, addiction, and all manner of negative outcomes.

If you or someone you care about has direct experience with speedballing, why not take that as a sign that something needs to change? Now is the perfect time to seek help for your addiction, and the staff at WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab stands ready to help. We understand the unique dangers of the speedball, and our medically guided approach to drug rehab can help you heal your body, mind, and spirit.

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What Is Speedballing?

There are many slang terms in the world of addiction, and if you are concerned about the drug use of a friend or family member, it is a good idea to learn them all. If you hear someone you care about talking out speedballs and speedballing, you should perk up your ears and listen – and then reach out for help.

The term speedballing is used to describe combining heroin and cocaine, two drugs with decidedly different impacts on the body. This combination can be highly toxic, increasing the odds of everything from addiction to sudden death. Speedballing is especially dangerous even by addiction standards, and if you feel someone you love is at risk, we encourage you to seek addiction treatment immediately.

Effects of Speedballing

To understand why the cocaine and heroin combo known as the speedball is so dangerous, it helps know how these two drugs work. Cocaine is a stimulant, or upper, while heroin has the opposite effect. When combined, the results can be highly toxic, increasing the risk of addiction, overdose, heart attack, overdose, and even death.

Here are some of the most insidious effects speedballing can bring:

• Sudden increase or decrease in heart rate
• Changes in respiration
• Confusion
• Blurry vision and visual changes
• Excessive drowsiness
• Feelings of paranoia
• Uncontrollable movements
• Stupor

Any one of these signs or symptoms would be cause for alarm, but taken together, their impact is even more significant. If you spot even one of these warning signs, you need to reach out for help immediately, all while encouraging your friend or loved one to seek the drug rehab and detox they need.

Risks of Combining Heroin and Cocaine

There are enormous risks to combining heroin and cocaine, and the speedball just might be the most dangerous substance in the world of addiction. Whether you try a speedball a single time or every single time, these are just some of the risks you are facing:

• Sudden overdose and death
• Dangerous changes in heart rhythm
• Heart palpitation
• Dangerously high blood pressure
• Brain damage
• Liver damage
• Damage to the lungs

Drug Rehab for People Addicted to Heroin and Cocaine

Overcoming oxycodone addiction is always hard to do, but the degree of difficulty becomes even higher when you are addicted to several different substances. If you have been using cocaine and heroin, either separately or together in a speedball, seeking professional help for your addiction is essential.

At WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab, we have the tools, the training, the facilities, and the desire to help you get better. Our scientifically guided approach and solid medical support give our clients the tools they need to get clean in the short term and stay clean in the long term. Your journey to a lifetime of recovery begins with a first step, so take that step today by contacting us.

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