Alcoholism: Current Facts and Figures in America

The Current State of Alcohol Use in America 

Alcoholism is one of the most prominent substance abuse issues the U.S. is currently facing. Since alcohol is readily available to those of legal drinking age, it becomes far too easy to access, not to mention that alcohol consumption is widely accepted as a social norm without regard to its dangers. Unfortunately, the prevalence of drinking across the nation is at jaw-dropping levels. There needs to be more awareness surrounding the harms and perils of alcohol abuse.

Recent studies show that almost 86 percent of people over the age of 18 consuming alcohol at a certain period in their life. Close to 70 percent reported having drunk in the previous year, and almost 55 percent said they had consumed alcohol in the last month. This survey indicates over half of the adult population across the nation consumes alcoholic beverages monthly. More than likely, these same individuals drink alcohol more than just a few times per month.

Binge drinking represents a considerable problem and predominantly affects our youth as, unfortunately, it is a part of college culture. In the past month, 25.8 percent of those over 18 had taken part in binge drinking, and just over 6 percent admitted to heavy alcohol consumption in the past month.

Another factor affecting alcoholism stats entails the increase in alcohol abuse involving high-density drinking. High-density drinking is categorized as consuming alcohol at a rate of two to three times binge drinking based on gender. Those who drank twice as much were 70 times more likely to be rushed to the hospital for an alcohol-related emergency.

Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) is a widespread issue across the nation, with close to 15 million individuals admitting to struggling with the disorder. Men made up approximately 6.8 percent of AUD cases while females averaged around 4 percent of cases. Without proper guidance and access to care, those struggling with this life-threatening disorder are at risk of developing alcoholism, a disease that can become fatal.  

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Alcohol Detox and Rehab at WhiteSands

WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab offers a full continuum of treatment options beginning with medical detox for those struggling with alcohol addiction. Medical detox is a necessary first step in the overall recovery process and involves completely flushing the body’s alcohol.

During medically assisted detoxification for alcoholism, patients will be gradually and effectively weaned off the substance using tapering medications. The patient will be monitored on a 24/7 basis to ensure the efficacy of detox and ensure the patient is responding well to the detox process.

The stages of addiction treatment are: 

  • Medically assisted detox 
  • Inpatient/residential treatment 
  • Outpatient/partial hospitalization program (PHP)/sober living  
  • aftercare/relapse prevention 
  • Continued care (AA, NA, counseling, and therapy) 
  • Alumni   

Once patients have completed their time in detox, which can be anywhere from five and up to ten days, they will be ready to enter inpatient residential treatment.

WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab ensures the comfort of patients throughout their entire stay. By mitigating the withdrawal symptoms experienced during the detox period, patients can focus on their recovery and prepare for the next steps. Detox alone will not help individuals overcome their addiction, as it is a stepping stone in the entire overall treatment and therapy process. Combination therapy, which involves counseling, therapy, and sometimes medication-assisted treatment (MAT), is the best and most effective way to overcome addiction.

Get in touch with WhiteSands today and learn how treatment can help you make a full and lasting recovery from alcohol addiction.

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