5 Movies to Inspire You in Recovery

Powerful Films about Addiction and Recovery

There are plenty of influential films about addiction and recovery you might want to watch to help you maintain your motivation to stick with your recovery plan. Some movies are ideal for highlighting the challenges associated with recovery. Others are great for showing the benefits of taking the steps needed to begin your recovery with confidence.

Here are some powerful movies you might want to watch about addiction and recovery to help you understand more about the significant benefits you might enjoy if you enter into treatment and begin your recovery journey today.

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Clean and Sober

Clean and Sober is a movie made back in 1998 and focuses on a real estate salesperson with a cocaine problem. In the initial stages of the film, he’s in complete denial about his substance abuse issues. Then he finally realizes his problem and enters into rehab, only to learn that he really does still have massive potential to enjoy a full life into the future without the need for drugs.

Most people don’t realize that the 12-step programs associated with most AA or NA meetings were created by a person who went through the same challenges and problems as any other person facing recovery. The story follows William Wilson, who struggled with alcohol abuse before creating the group support sessions that have now helped tens of thousands of people worldwide overcome their own addictive impulses.


Set in the 1970s, the film follows two undercover narcotics officers who are supposed to be tracking down a drug boss and destroying the drug ring. Instead, they both become addicted to the same drugs they’re supposed to be destroying. By supporting each other through the worst, they manage to overcome their drug habit and arrest the bad guy. Of course, there’s a surprise twist ending, but you’ll have to watch the film to see how it ends.

28 Days

28 Days follows the life of a successful newspaper columnist who enjoys the party life a little more than she really should. In her mind, she’s just enjoying herself, but she is in complete denial that she has a substance abuse problem at all. Following a drunken accident, she’s given the choice of going to prison or spending 28 days in rehab.

While the movie focuses on the protagonist’s efforts to overcome her alcohol abuse problem, it also depicts the struggles of various other characters in the rehab treatment center as they work through issues with their own addictions.

Permanent Midnight

Permanent Midnight is an autobiographical story of a small-time TV writer aspiring to become a successful big-time writer. Along the way, he begins to increasingly abuse prescription medications and eventually moves onto cocaine and heroin. The movie’s protagonist does finally break free from his addiction and manages to turn his career around. The film ends with his openly discussing various TV shows how drug addiction damaged his personal life and career.


Gia is a movie that follows the tragic life of America’s first supermodel. When Gia first arrives in New York City, she has big dreams of becoming a model and quickly rises to become one of the industry’s top models. However, she begins experimenting with cocaine and eventually heroin.
Realizing she needs help, she enters into a methadone treatment program to try and end her drug habit. It takes her some time, and she finally manages to break her drug habit but learns that she had contracted AIDS due to the time she was using intravenous drugs, leaving her to spend the rest of her life in hospital.

Watching movies that portray addiction and recovery can help you recognize that it is possible to overcome addiction and enjoy your sober lifestyle with the right help and motivation. Contact or visit WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab today to learn how our addiction treatment programs can help your recovery journey.

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