How Do I Help a Recovering Alcoholic?

Learn the Most Effective Ways to Help a Recovering Alcoholic

If you have never experienced a drinking problem head-on or endured a personal struggle with alcoholism, it is easy to view the end of alcohol detox and alcohol rehab as the final step in a long journey to sobriety. Even after all that has been learned about how alcoholism develops and how alcohol dependency works, there is still a widespread misconception that getting sober is the end of the road, but those who have endured these personal struggles know that achieving newfound sobriety is only the beginning of a lifelong journey.

Achieving sobriety and staying sober can be two different things, and everyone needs to chip in and do what they can. If you are the friend or family member of a recovering alcoholic, that means learning about ways to help the person in your life, so they can not only be sober now but stay sober forever.

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What Is a Recovering Alcoholic?

There are many misconceptions about alcoholism and recovery, and it is vital to understand what the process has been like for the person you care so much about. If you want to support the recovering alcoholic in your life, knowing what the term means is a vital first step.

In practical terms, a recovering alcoholic is not a cured person but rather an individual who is living in a manner that keeps cravings for alcohol at bay. The recovering alcoholic may not be drinking, but they may also still be suffering from the underlying issues that made their drinking problem possible in the first place. It may be helpful to think of recovery as the alcoholic’s version of remission.

5 Ways to Help a Recovering Alcoholic

Breaking the chains of alcoholism and achieving sobriety is a significant accomplishment and one worth celebrating. If someone in your life has overcome alcoholism, it is important to recognize that their newfound sobriety is only the beginning of a long journey and that every bit of support you can provide will be both welcomed and totally necessary.

Here are five smart ways to help the recovering alcoholic in your life:

1. Educate yourself – If you want to support the recovering alcoholic in your life, you first need to educate yourself about what alcoholism is like and what it takes to stay sober.

2. Get support for yourself – Attending support groups aimed at the families of recovering alcoholics could be a game-changer, so reach out for the help and support you need.

3. Make intelligent changes to your social interactions – A few well-targeted changes to your day-to-day interactions can make a wealth of difference, including choosing restaurants that do not serve alcohol and avoiding parties where you know alcohol will be served.

4. Keep your expectations realistic – It is not unusual for recovering alcoholics to suffer setbacks, so keep your expectations sensible and be ready to step in if you think relapse is taking place.

5. Take care of yourself – You cannot take care of others if you fail to care for yourself, so think about your own needs and well-being as you seek to help the recovering alcoholic in your life.

Support for Families of Alcoholics

It has often been said that alcoholism, drug addiction, and all forms of substance use disorder are family illnesses, impacting not only the people who drink and use drugs but their sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, spouses, partners, and everyone else who intersects with their life on a daily basis.

Anyone who has ever tried to support an alcoholic friend or family member knows just how true this statement is. That is why getting the proper support can be such a critical part of achieving lifelong sobriety.

Getting help is vitally important for the alcoholic themselves, but so is finding support for the family members involved. Every member of the family, no matter what their relationship, has been touched by the alcoholism of their loved one in one way or another, and acknowledging the need for help will be extremely important in the future.

At WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab, we are proud to provide support not only for individual alcoholics but also for their family members. If you are concerned about your loved one in recovery, we encourage you to reach out to us today. Our caring counselors are waiting to take your call, and they cannot wait to hear from you.

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