8 Alcoholism Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Recognizing These Symptoms of Alcoholism Could Help Prevent the Progression of the Disease

Alcohol is an unusual drug in many different ways and an insidious one at that. The legal status of alcohol leads many people to believe that its use and overuse are no big deal. At the same time, its societal acceptance means beer, wine and liquor are advertised on highway billboards, in glossy photoshoots, and on practically every street corner.

The fact that alcohol is perfectly legal can also make knowing when you need help to stop drinking and recognize the alcoholism symptoms somewhat tricky.

Are you an alcoholic if you binge on the weekends and abstain throughout the week? Should you seek help if you drink every day or if you start each day with a shot of alcohol? Answering those questions is not easy, and it helps bring a dose of humility and self-reflection to the table.

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8 Signs and Symptoms of Alcoholism

It is not always easy to tell when your drinking has crossed the line from fun and social to dark and dangerous, and it is essential to stay self-aware whenever you tip a glass or open up a bottle. Whether it is your own drinking or someone else’s, here are eight alcoholism symptoms you should never ignore.

  1. Drinking alone – Solo drinking can be a sign of future trouble, so monitor your use carefully.
  2. Sticking to restaurants where alcohol is served – If you find yourself gravitating to restaurants with bars or avoiding eateries where alcohol is not on the menu, you need to ask yourself why.
  3. Starting each day with a drink – If you cannot get through the day without a drink, it may be time for an intervention.
  4. Lying about your drinking – If you lie about your drinking or minimize its effects, you may be developing an alcohol problem.
  5. Losing a job due to drinking – If you have gotten caught drinking on the job or shown up drunk, you should be concerned, and your concern should rise even higher if your drinking has led to a job loss.
  6. Neglecting your responsibilities – You may be on the road to alcoholism if your drinking is getting in the way of caring for your spouse and children.
  7. Getting arrested – If your drinking has led to an arrest for drunk driving or public intoxication, you should definitely take that as a wake-up call.
  8. Drinking to get drunk – Social drinking and drinking just to get drunk are two very different things, and the latter should always be cause for concern.

Alcohol Detox at WhiteSands

The excessive use of alcohol takes a heavy toll on the body of alcoholics and those suffering from alcohol use disorder, and the first step on the road to sobriety is a practical course of detox. At WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab, we take a medical approach to alcohol detox, a process that minimizes the severity of withdrawal symptoms while emphasizing comfort and safety.

When you trust us with your sobriety, we will guide you through the entire alcohol detox process, from giving you the medical support you need to allowing our doctors and nurses to care for you as your body begins to heal. And we will follow up on the detox with quality rehab so that you can continue your healing journey one step and one day at a time.

Alcohol Rehab at WhiteSands

The purpose of alcohol detox is to cleanse your body of the toxins you have been ingesting, but that cleansing process is only the first step on a long road to sobriety. Your body may be clear of alcohol after the detox is over, but that does not mean you will not continue to crave a drink, and that is why quality alcohol rehab is so important.

At WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab, your course of detox will be followed up by something just as critical – an innovative, effective and personalized alcohol rehab program. This alcohol rehab program may take several forms, including attending 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous in your local community, meeting with other recovering alcoholics, developing coping skills and relapse prevention plans, and various forms of therapy designed to address the root causes of your alcohol use.

The goal of all of these alcohol rehab efforts is simple – to help you stay sober for the rest of your life. At WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab, we are dedicated to your sobriety for a lifetime, not just the time you spend with us. If you suspect alcoholism symptoms are starting to appear in your life, contact us today to find effective alcohol detox and rehab treatments to overcome your addiction.

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