Medical Detox vs. At-Home Detox

Choosing Between Medical Detox and At-Home Detox

Whether you have been using drugs and alcohol for just a short time or as long as you can remember, chances are you have tried to stop drinking or using drugs at least a time or two. Just about every addict and alcoholic has been attempting to quit at some point, only to suffer a devastating relapse. If you find yourself in this kind of position, it is essential to recognize the difference between medical detox vs. at-home detox and the approach to each.

No matter how determined you are to get better and get clean, detoxing from drugs and alcohol is not a DIY endeavor. Trying to quit at home could be extremely dangerous and counterproductive since each failure makes additional attempts at recovery that much harder.

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Withdrawal Symptoms During Drug Detox

One of the biggest challenges alcoholics and drug addicts face as they try to get clean is withdrawal. The severity of those symptoms can be enough to derail even the most dedicated individual. But in addition to the severity and the discomfort, many of the most common withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous or even life-threatening.

If you choose to detox in your own home or have a friend help you out, you will need to be prepared to deal with things like:

  • Possible seizures
  • Severe stomach cramps
  • Persistent nausea and vomiting
  • Intense mood swings
  • Paranoia and delirium
  • Hot and cold flashes
  • Heart racing and possible heart attack

As you can see, these withdrawal symptoms can be extremely distressing, especially for a friend who may have never seen them before. Trying to detox at home is just asking for trouble, so it’s vital to learn how effective medical detox vs. at-home detox can be.

What Is Medical Detox?

Trying to detox in your own home or at a friend’s house is unlikely to be effective, but it is likely counterproductive. If you are ready to quit drinking or using drugs, the DIY approach is clearly not the right choice, but it is not your only choice.

Medical detox is different in many ways, starting with the strong support it provides addicts and alcoholics as their bodies begin to heal. The support of doctors and nurses can make a world of difference, keeping you safe and comfortable while reducing the severity of the withdrawal symptoms you experience. These benefits alone make medical detox the clear choice. Still, this form of guided withdrawal is also far more effective, giving you the best shot at a lasting and successful recovery.

What Is at-Home Detox?

Many alcoholics and drug addicts will try to detox independently, relying on friends and family members to manage their withdrawal symptoms, keep them hydrated and nourished, and call for help if needed. These attempts at at-home detox may be well-meaning, but they are rarely effective and often dangerous.

If you try to detox at home, you will be up against several difficulties, starting with managing the dangers of the most severe withdrawal symptoms. When you consider that the possible withdrawal symptoms you may face could include seizures and heart attacks, it is clear that in-home detox is simply not worth the risk.

If you are ready to get better and learn more on medical detox vs. at-home detox, we encourage you to abandon your DIY plans, skip the at-home detox efforts and give the staff at WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab a call instead. Professional detox is the safer and more effective approach, and the help you need is just a phone call away.

WhiteSands Offers Medical Detox Programs and Rehabilitation Services

We offer a wide variety of services, all designed to help you heal from the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse, but it all starts with top-quality detox that takes place in a professional treatment facility and not in your own home.

Medical detox is the natural choice for a lasting recovery, and our unique approach is designed to keep you safe and comfortable every step along the way. We care about your recovery, and we want to be your partner on the road to a better and more successful life. If you are ready to get better and move on with the rest of your life, we are here to help, so pick up the phone and give us a call today.

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