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Top Rated Outpatient Addiction Treatment in Orlando

Outpatient addiction treatment is often the longest, and in many cases, the most critical phase of a person’s initial recovery steps. Outpatient addiction treatment has an amazing amount of flexibility, which helps both patients and therapy and counseling practitioners. At WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab, we have embraced many different programs and processes to give our clients who need outpatient addiction treatment in Orlando the most treatment options possible in an outpatient setting. No one ever needs to try and conquer alcohol or drug addiction alone, and we’re here to help.

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, call WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab today at 877.969.1993 to learn how we can help.

Benefits of Outpatient Addiction Treatment

The benefits of outpatient addiction treatment are many and differ for each of our patients. We go to great lengths to ensure we provide a fully customized care experience to each of our patients. We know everyone’s life is affected differently by alcohol or drug addiction, and we want to create each treatment plan with that in mind. No matter the situation, outpatient addiction treatment can pave the way to a long-lasting, substance-free recovery.

PHP Orlando

A Partial Hospitalization Program, or PHP, can be either an excellent springboard to start a person’s recovery or a tremendous transitional phase that helps someone move from inpatient to outpatient care. A PHP can also be combined with staying in a sober living residence if an individual does not have the proper home environment to support their initial steps in recovery. WhiteSands offers PHP care plans for residents of the Orlando area as one of the many options available to those seeking outpatient addiction treatment.

IOP Orlando

An IOP, or Intensive Outpatient Program, could be considered the middle ground between typical once or twice a week outpatient therapy and the more comprehensive Partial Hospitalization Programs. As part of an IOP, a person can still incorporate a sober living facility option, too.

An IOP gives both the patient and their primary therapist flexibility when it comes to a treatment schedule. An IOP may begin with every day or almost every day sessions while still allowing an individual to work and take care of other life responsibilities.

OP Orlando

Outpatient addiction treatment in Orlando can be the perfect foundation for someone’s long-term success in recovery. Although many people take part in group therapy sessions as a treatment option during outpatient addiction treatment, our goal is to make sure every client is getting an individualized experience that fits their needs. When it comes to schedule, there are options to choose from that will work for almost everyone.

Sober Living Orlando

Offering sober living in Orlando is another aspect of WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab that makes us the top-rated addiction treatment center in Florida. Staying in a sober living home can be the perfect component for a client to transition between spending time in residential rehab and returning to all aspects of their former life.

Our sober living homes offer the support clients need to continue their journey in recovery in an alcohol and drug-free environment. They also encourage participation in 12-step programs and organizations, which can be another excellent building block for healing.

Relapse Prevention Orlando

Relapse prevention is one of the underlying themes of all treatment programs at WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab. This includes the creation of a drug and alcohol relapse prevention plan. Relapses can occur for physical, mental, and emotional reasons, and a proper program addresses all three. The purpose of a plan is to build a person a virtual toolbox of skills and coping mechanisms that will allow them to return to society and their previous life while minimizing the risks of drinking or using again.

Why Choose WhiteSands for Outpatient Addiction Treatment in Orlando?

At WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab, we have worked hard to become the top-rated addiction treatment center in Florida. We are proud to offer our outpatient addiction treatment in Orlando. We know that through custom-tailored, individualized care, we can help our patients focus on the issues that are the root causes of their addiction more closely. If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, call us today. We are here to help you make the change in your life that you need.

If you or a loved one needs help with abuse and/or treatment, please call the WhiteSands Treatment at (877) 855-3470. Our addiction specialists can assess your recovery needs and help you get the addiction treatment that provides the best chance for your long-term recovery.

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