Why Quit Drinking?

You may be surprised to learn what constitutes alcohol abuse, as it is rarely talked about when the subject of drinking comes up. For men, it only takes two drinks per day or bingeing five drinks in two hours, and for women, it is one drink a day or bingeing four drinks in two hours. This type of drinking can cause ill effects on your body and mind, and it can also affect your loved ones, impact your work life and cause family problems. The things that happen to your body when you quit drinking can positively change your physical health and your mental health and clarity.

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Physical Benefits of Quitting Alcohol

The benefits to your body that occur when you quit drinking vary from person to person, with the most dramatic improvements happening in those who make drastic lifestyle changes for the betterment of their own health.

Along with improved self-esteem, the things that happen to your body when you quit drinking include a range of physical benefits, which we will delve into below.

Improved Liver Function

When you drink more than the recommended amount of alcohol, your liver may become fatty, followed by cirrhosis (the scarification of the liver). Stopping drinking while the liver is “fatty” can reverse negative changes, and your liver function will improve, as it will be free to work on its usual tasks, such as breaking down body toxins and performing metabolic processes.

Risk of Cardiovascular Disease Is Reduced

Drinking in excess causes your body’s enzymes to become saturated and stop properly metabolizing the alcohol. It begins to produce free radicals that oxidize a type of “bad” cholesterol (LDL) that can block carotid arteries.

Drinking a small amount in moderation can do the opposite, helping “good” cholesterol (HDL) increase. This is not the case for everybody due to genetic factors, so it is best to check with your doctor before incorporating alcohol into your diet. Overall, it is best to keep your heart healthy by minimizing alcohol consumption and exercising regularly.

Cancer Risk is Reduced

The American Journal of Public Health estimates that 3.5 percent of American cancer deaths are related to alcohol consumption. Stopping drinking decreases the likelihood of developing head, neck, esophageal, liver, breast, and colorectal cancer.

You’ll Probably Lose Weight

Alcohol consumption (and hangovers) can affect weight-gain factors like your sleep schedule, hydration level, eating habits, and exercise routines. Alcohol is high in calories, and mixed drinks, wine, and beer add sugar to your diet, so cutting these items out may reduce your weight, especially if you are a heavy drinker.

Your Brain Will Function Better

Drinking can cause memory loss, interfere in brain development, concentration, and even brain damage. You will think clearer, make better decisions, and retain more information if you stop drinking.

Treatment For Alcohol Addiction at WhiteSands

When you decide to quit drinking, it is not recommended that you go cold turkey from alcohol, as your body may produce dangerous side effects. At WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab, we have a medically assisted treatment (MAT) program that can get you through your detox without suffering unnecessarily with the combination of prescription medications, medical care, counseling, and therapy.

Alcohol addiction is not a life sentence. At WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab, we can help you detox safely and comfortably and then learn the recovery skills and tools you need to live a life without alcohol. We help you work through the underlying issues that cause addiction in our luxury inpatient rehab facility. We also offer outpatient programs for those who cannot leave their home for an entire inpatient program.

Contact us today to learn more about getting help with alcohol abuse, alcohol addiction, rehab, and medically assisted treatment programs for detoxing. We can help you stop drinking and start living a healthier, happier life.

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