How to Get off Ambien in Naples

What Is Ambien? 

Ambien, a prescription drug that the FDA approves, can be prescribed to those who struggle with sleep and have difficulty falling into a deep and restful sleep. Unfortunately, Ambien addiction in Naples, Florida is becoming an increasing problem as the drug is habit-forming and addictive, causing dependency and then full-on addiction with prolonged use and abuse. If you have developed a habit and want to know how to get off Ambien, keep reading to gather more insight on treating this dependence.

This non-benzodiazepine drug is prescribed for insomnia and its sedative effects aid in an individual’s ability to sleep well. Because the drug is so effective at achieving sleep, those who take Ambien regularly become scared of not taking the drug and fear withdrawal from the drug and the inability to sleep without the aid of the drug. This becomes a thought they cannot fathom, so they continue to abuse the drug.  

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Risks and Side Effects of Ambien  

As with many prescribing drugs, there are risks of use and side effects that patients may experience. While some may experience more intense side effects, others may only experience minor issues. This very much depends on the dose prescribed and how long the individual has been on the substance. Some of these include:  

  • Sleep disturbances (vivid dreams, nightmares) 
  • Diarrhea 
  • Dizziness 
  • Headache 
  • Drowsiness 
  • Drugged feelings 

Another common side effect of Ambien is what is known as ‘complex sleep behaviors.’ Studies have found that individuals who take Ambien have a higher chance of sleepwalking, sleep talking, sleep driving, sleep eating, and taking part in other activities while not fully conscious. This can pose a host of dangerous outcomes and put the individual’s life at risk.  

Ambien Withdrawal Symptoms 

When individuals take Ambien for a prolonged period, they build up a tolerance. When this happens, they require an increased dose of the drug to feel its effects. This, in turn, develops into dependency and addiction, and at this point in the drug user’s life, they will require drug detox and rehab to help overcome their substance abuse problem.  

When individuals do not have a steady dose of Ambien or do not take the drug, they may experience adverse effects, including withdrawal. Some of the withdrawal symptoms include: 

  • Vomiting 
  • Insomnia 
  • Fatigue 
  • Panic attack 
  • Tremors or shaking 
  • Stomach cramps 
  • Lightheadedness 
  • Bouts of crying  
  • Sweating 
  • Nervousness and anxiousness 
  • Nausea 

Withdrawal symptoms can be unbearable, and individuals often find it easier to simply continue on the destructive path of Ambien addiction rather than seek help. This process will only perpetuate a problem that has imminent outcomes. While it is not advised to quit Ambien cold turkey and refrain from using it abruptly, it is recommended that patients go through a period of medically assisted detox that will help them safely and effectively wean them off of Ambien. 

How to Taper Off Ambien Safely in Naples 

The best and most effective means to safely taper off Ambien is through a qualified medical detox center in Naples. During detox, patients will be administered tapering medications and withdrawal management drugs to ease the withdrawal symptoms while reducing cravings. Patients can then focus on their recovery with a clearer mind. In the first days of detox, patients will be administered a larger dose of detox medications. This dose will gradually lessen until they are entirely free of the substance of abuse. 

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You cannot fight addiction alone, as addiction is a disease that requires treatment and therapy if you want long-term success in sobriety. If you want to know how to get off Ambien, WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Naples can help. We have helped thousands of individuals who struggle with Ambien addiction and can help patients successfully overcome and manage their addiction. Call WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab today and learn how rehab can help you live a life that is not controlled by your addiction.

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