How Much Does Alcohol and Drug Rehab Cost in Florida?

Understanding the Cost of Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Florida

When seeking help for addiction in the state of Florida, one of the first questions asked is, ‘how much does alcohol and drug rehab cost in Florida’? Cost can decide whether or not an individual gets help, which is why it is so essential to conduct in-depth research on the various means to pay for drug rehab and what sort of incentives you qualify for.

There are many types of treatment centers and treatment programs, so the cost of treatment will vary greatly. Whether your budget is high or low, a rehab program in Florida can help you on your journey toward sobriety.

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Types of Alcohol and Drug Rehab Programs

So how much does alcohol and drug rehab cost in Florida? There are various factors that can affect the cost of drug rehab, including the length of time an individual requires in treatment as well as what type of therapy they need and how intensive their program will be.

Some of the factors that can affect the cost of treatment include:

Medically assisted detox

This process can range from $1,000 to $1,500 depending on the medications administered and how long the individual is in detox.

Inpatient residential treatment

This can vary in cost depending on whether you are paying out-of-pocket or have insurance coverage, as well as the length of stay. The amenities and accommodations offered through the rehab center can reflect the program’s cost. At WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab, “a 35-day treatment plan starting with detoxification and inpatient treatment through outpatient treatment with housing runs $23,000 – $30,000.”

Outpatient treatment

The typical cost of outpatient treatment is around $5,000 but can go up to $10,000.

Prescription medications

Prescription medications, such as medications that help patients with cravings, can vary. For an intense drug abuser recovering from heroin addiction, medications prescribed, such as Methadone, can spike up to almost $5,000 per year.

Aftercare programming

Often, 12-step programs are offered through the city at no cost to the individual. Check out your local Florida community support programs and see what type of outreach programming is provided.

Is Alcohol and Drug Rehab Covered by Insurance?

No matter the cost, many insurance companies cover most if not all of the expenses. WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab will look at your insurance policy to understand what type of coverage you qualify for. Different insurance providers and various procedures are standard for individuals to fund their rehab. Depending on the type of policy and what is covered under it, drug and alcohol rehab may be covered by insurance.

Some of the types of insurance that may cover addiction treatment and rehab include:

  • Miliary insurance
  • Medicaid/Medicare
  • Private insurance
  • State-financed insurance

While not everyone who struggles with addiction has health insurance that covers addiction treatment, there is always a way to find help. Frequently, rehab centers offer a financing option that encompasses a payment plan.

Tricare and VA Policies for Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Certain policies cover individuals who are part of the VA (Veterans Affairs). If you are a veteran struggling with drug or alcohol addiction and are seeking help, various programs and services offered through VA are available and can help you. Tricare insurance coverage also provides substance abuse treatment and various treatment options for those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. Tricare is accepted at many treatment centers across the nation.

If you are curious about how much drug rehab costs at WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Florida, get in touch with our intake team today. We can conduct an initial patient assessment which will help to determine what types of treatment your insurance policy covers. Whether you are struggling with a co-occurring disorder, mental illness, alcohol addiction, drug addiction, or comorbidity, we can help you.

Stop worrying about things like how much does alcohol and drug rehab cost in Florida. There is no better time to seek help than now, as addiction is a disease that will not dissipate on its own. Through intensive treatment and therapy, patients can work toward lasting recovery from substance abuse and learn the tools that will allow them to stay in remission from addiction. Call us today to learn more about covering the cost of drug and alcohol rehab today.

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