Ketamine Treatment in Florida

What Is Ketamine Used For Medically?

Ketamine is a short-acting anesthetic commonly used for medical purposes as a pain management treatment for patients undergoing surgery or moderate to severe medical procedures. Ketamine is a short-acting pain relief medication that provides individuals with a sense of escape as your perception of the world around you can change and shift your emotions towards certain situations or people. Individuals will feel like they are no longer in control or have to worry about their mood disorders and release the feelings of pain they are experiencing within the moment.

While ketamine can be abused, patients are provided with low doses that do not put users at risk of developing an addiction to this prescription medication when used within a medical setting. When ketamine is paired with behavioral therapy and motivational therapy, patients can address their addiction and mental health within an addiction treatment facility.

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How Does Ketamine Work for Depression?

Ketamine has made a significant impact within the medical field as a treatment option for treatment in Florida, patients suffering from depression, anxiety, and other mood and pain disorders. When used in low doses, ketamine infusion therapy increases neural connectivity within neurotransmitters called glutamate that develop connections with AMPA receptors. Once these neural connectivities are created, it becomes responsible for mood, cognitive abilities, and thought patterns. Ketamine infusion therapy targets internal brain pathways and communication and reduces inflammation that has been linked to mood disorders and pain management. This process allows the individual to have stable emotional regulation and awareness. Patients who find improvement with their depression from using one to three sessions of ketamine treatment will provide relief for their depression from extended use of ketamine treatment.

Using Ketamine in Addiction Treatment

Addiction ketamine treatment requires a comprehensive approach to therapy that balances targeting the patients’ emotional, physical, and mental health and well-being. Ketamine infusion therapy in addiction treatment has benefits that allow patients to focus on their overarching goals of sobriety, managing mood and pain disorders, and provide effective tools for relapse prevention and pain management.

Ketamine treatment has been proven to be an effective addition to behavioral therapy for its effects on a person’s thinking and emotional patterns and behaviors. Patients administered ketamine will slow their thought patterns and emotional responses to address their response and change their perspective to support life in sober living. Ketamine infusion therapy helps reduce a patient’s strong urges or cravings for drugs or alcohol while also alleviating controlling thoughts and behavioral responses by empowering patients to find their motivation for change.

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Who Can Benefit From Ketamine Treatment?

For those Florida residents that are currently living with an active addiction to drugs or alcohol and have attempted traditional methods of addiction treatment before with failed attempts at sobriety, ketamine treatment provides Florida residents with an effective alternative to addiction recovery. It is common for individuals living with an alcohol or drug addiction to have a co-occurring disorder, including a mental health concern such as suffering from depression. Ketamine treatment can provide patients with an alternative method to dual diagnosis treatment where your debilitating symptoms of depression, anxiety, or mood disorders can be addressed and treated. At the same time, you gain perspective and control of your addictive behaviors and thoughts patterns for rapid relief. Before beginning ketamine treatment, it is essential to consult your doctor to explore this addiction treatment option while considering your own unique medical history and personal history with alcohol or drug addiction.

Where Can I Get Ketamine Treatment in Florida?

WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab offers patients around Florida a ketamine treatment program that honors and validates their experiences living with mood disorders including bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety disorder, and posttraumatic stress while addressing their underlying addictions. Through the use of ketamine treatment and ketamine infusion therapy, patients will gain the tools for healing and managing their unpleasant side effects of mood disorders or pain management with the guided support of our onsite doctors. Florida residents will obtain physician referrals to begin their ketamine therapy paired with the offered evidence-based behavioral and addiction therapy methods. Patients will be provided with exclusive methods of depression treatment, PTSD treatment, OCD treatment, and tools for managing pain conditions.

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