What Are Study Drugs? 

The life of a college student is busy with pressing assignments due, a new social life to keep up with, and long nights spent cramming for exams. The transition into college can often feel overwhelming as you navigate how you will balance your time and manage all the expectations placed upon you. Many college students will look for ways to keep up with the high-intensity course loads of college and the appeal of study drugs that can seemingly help you stay focused on your studies to reach all of your deadlines and pull late-night study sessions. 

Study drugs are prescription stimulant drugs that increase a person’s level of alertness, focus, and energy levels to pull an all-nighter to study. The intention of using these prescription stimulants is to improve their academic performance and success. Still, many will fall trap to the cycle of drug addiction the longer they engage in regular use of the following commonly abused study drugs:

  • Adderall 
  • Concerta
  • Dexedrine 
  • Ritalin
  • Vyvanse 
  • Provigil

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Why College Students Use Study Drugs

When you begin college, you are faced with new experiences and a faster pace of academic and social life. The transition into an environment that places high expectations on students and their overall academic performance can be stressful and challenging. Many students attempt to alter their approach to studies. A common misconception around college campuses is that students who use study drugs can achieve higher GPAs and keep up with pending assignments and curriculum. However, the students’ misuse of study drugs has been proven to create more challenges for students on college campuses rather than improve their grades and open the doors to developing a prescription drug addiction. 

See below to find examples of Barbituarte, another type of prescription drug:


Barbiturates Examples

Can Study Drugs Be Addictive?

To put it simply, the misuse of prescription drugs, including study drugs, can significantly impact someone’s life, including developing a drug addiction. Your initial use of study drugs begins as an occasional usage for many individuals. Over time, after your drug abuse increases, your body will become physically dependent on these addictive prescription stimulants. When you stop taking prescription stimulants, your body will begin adjusting to functioning without the misuse of prescription drugs. This process will create unpleasant side effects through stimulant drugs withdrawal symptoms, including feelings of anxiety or paranoia, insomnia, hallucinations, significant weight loss, suicidal thoughts, and seizures. These symptoms often lead individuals to continue using prescription stimulants to avoid these unpleasant or uncomfortable drug detox and withdrawal symptoms. As your use of prescription stimulants increases, you will need higher doses to reach the same desired effect creating a vicious, dangerous cycle of substance abuse and drug addiction. 

Signs of Study Drug Addiction

Drug addiction can look different in each person and creates various significant impacts on a person’s life. For this reason, it is essential to know the different signs and indicators that you or a loved one on college campuses are struggling with drug addiction, including the following symptoms of addiction:

  • Isolation from loved ones 
  • Change in appetite 
  • Lying about or hiding your substance abuse 
  • Increased levels of energy or appearing to be hyper or excitable 
  • Showing extreme levels of hyperfocus 
  • Demonstrating aggression or agitation 
  • Changes in typical sleep patterns or experiencing insomnia 
  • Manic episodes 
  • Loved ones frequently see consistent prescription drug use 
  • Experiencing financial concerns, borrowing or stealing money to obtain more prescription drugs 
  • Having to refill prescriptions often and needing them sooner than the prescribed allotted time 
  • Experiencing memory difficulties 
  • Significant weight loss 

Addiction Treatment for College Students

The dangers of study drugs within the students’ misuse of prescription stimulants need to be formally addressed within an addiction treatment center. WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab offers college students comprehensive addiction treatment programs through either inpatient drug rehab or intensive outpatient rehab options that will provide various levels of support and behavioral therapy. Our dedicated addiction counselors will support you to heal from the underlying causes of your addiction by uncovering the root of why you abused study drugs to begin with. Through our evidence-based therapy methods, patients will be able to create a newfound foundation in sobriety and addiction recovery. We provide the tools and skills needed to overcome future triggers while maintaining healthy emotional regulation in moments of high stress as you would experience within a college setting to ensure you can live a happy, healthy life within sobriety. Contact WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab today to find out how you can address your prescription drug addiction while remaining successful in your academic career. 

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