The Idea That Wine Is Good for You Is a Myth: Here’s Why

The Myth That Wine Is Good for You

There has been a long misconception that drinking wine in moderation has some health benefits, especially red wine. It was believed that the resveratrol in red wine was antioxidant and beneficial for preventing heart disease. However, the links between red wine and fewer heart attacks are not entirely understood. Some benefits of the antioxidants in red wine are increasing high-density lipoprotein (HDL), the good cholesterol, which can help maintain coronary artery health.

A recent study has found not many health benefits to wine and daily drinking can lead to dependence. The correlation found in people who drink moderate amounts of alcohol with better heart health is primarily due to the other healthy lifestyle factors, which are more common in people who do not overdo their drinking. Another study found that daily drinking, even just one glass of red wine, is harmful to the brain, aging it much more rapidly than non-drinkers.

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Why People Started Thinking Wine Was Good for Them

It all dates back to the early 90s when Michel De Lorgeril and Serge Renaud published a paper in Lancet titled “Wine, alcohol, platelets, and the French paradox for coronary heart disease.” They correlated that French people’s low mortality for coronary heart disease despite high consumption of saturated fat and smoking was due to drinking red wine more frequently than other populations with the same diet and lifestyle. The wine industry then jumped on the “French paradox” that a glass of red wine was good for you and your heart health to up their sales. The Mediterranean diet also recommends a daily glass of red wine or white wine.

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The Truth About Daily Wine Consumption

The truth is there is no healthy amount of alcohol or wine consumption, and the best thing is to abstain from drinking altogether. Drinking regularly can lead to alcohol abuse, dependence, and even addiction. A new study published in the Journal Nature Communications found that just one glass of red wine or white wine a day, or any alcohol in general, causes brain shrinkage. Other research suggests that daily glasses of wine can lead to weight gain, developing rosacea, insomnia, the development of fatty liver or cirrhosis, and increased cancer. There is some truth that resveratrol in red wine can reduce the risk of heart disease; however, the adverse effects outweigh the health benefits.

How Much Wine Is Too Much?

There is no healthy amount of wine linked to a heart-healthy lifestyle. However, according to the CDC, moderate drinking is considered up to 2 glasses of wine a day for men a day, or 14 glasses of wine a week or more, and one glass of red wine or white wine for women a day, or seven glasses of wine a week or more. A glass or serving of wine is considered a 5-ounce pour.

Health Effects of Drinking Wine

There are a few health benefits to drinking wine; however, there are also many adverse effects to drinking alcohol. Here are a few:

  • Antioxidants in red wine help heart health
  • Resveratrol can impact male fertility
  • Disrupt your sleep negatively
  • Weight gain
  • Increase mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression
  • Drinking more than recommended glasses of wine can increase cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure

When to Seek Help for Problem Drinking

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