Methadone Clinic Near Me: How to Find the Right Rehab

What Is Methadone?

Opioid addiction is a serious health problem for individuals, their families, and even the community. In fact, the U.S. can be said to have a serious opioid problem as between 20% to 29% of people prescribed opioids will misuse them, and up to 10% will develop an addiction. That 10% translates to millions of people struggling with prescription drugs such as oxycodone or morphine. Of course, opioids also include the illicit drug heroin. As states and the medical community have tried to clamp down on prescription opioid abuse, many people addicted to these drugs have turned to heroin, which has been known to be cheaper and easier to procure.

Whether an individual is addicted to a prescription or illicit opioid, their health is at risk. The National Institute on Drug Abuse has reported that more than 92,000 people lost their lives to an opioid overdose between 1999 to 2020. While serious and potentially deadly, overdose isn’t the only health risk associated with an opioid use disorder. Opioid addiction will cause a person’s physical and mental health to deteriorate over time or with a single acute use.

A person with an opioid addiction knows how the drug can take over their lives, affect their family and other relationships, sabotage their finances and career, and take an altogether negative–even disastrous–toll on their lives. There is help for people who want to end their opioid abuse and achieve long-term recovery. Today, many drug rehab centers offer a wide range of addiction treatment. One such treatment, medication-assisted treatment (MAT), has been shown to help people recover from opioid use disorders.

MAT involves using medications to treat certain forms of substance addiction, including opioid addiction. If you have a heroin addiction or prescription opioid addiction, MAT might be the ideal option for you. Methadone is prescribed during MAT for some individuals with opioid addiction. To learn about methadone as a form of MAT and to find a methadone clinic near me, rely on the following information.

Methadone is a medication that may be prescribed to someone with an opioid use disorder during their medication-assisted treatment. Methadone itself is an opioid agonist. It works by blocking opioid cravings and warding off withdrawal symptoms. Although taking a proper dose of methadone does not cause a euphoric high, the drug can be abused, which is why methadone clinics and rehabs that prescribe it will closely monitor clients. Every year, about 5,000 people die from a methadone overdose. While the drug is safer than other opioids, it is not without risks for clients who abuse it.

Other medications may be prescribed for opioid addiction that is safer; however, methadone is among the most effective MAT drugs. Even so, a person at increased risk for abusing methadone may be prescribed a partial opioid agonist like Suboxone, which is less likely to be abused.

Research has shown that MAT is most successful when combined with other rehab treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy. A methadone clinic may or may not offer additional drug treatments. Some people visit the methadone clinic to procure their daily or weekly doses of methadone and then attend therapy elsewhere. Some rehab centers off MAT in conjunction with other addiction treatments.

Depending on the methadone clinic in question, procedures for obtaining methadone may vary. Many individuals must visit the clinic each day for their methadone dose. After some time, clients may be allowed to procure weekly or longer supplies if deemed appropriate by the prescribing clinicians. The length of time a person uses methadone varies. Some people rely on MAT during medical detox; others rely on it throughout their rehab treatment or even longer as a form of recovery maintenance.

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When to Consider a Methadone Clinic

If you are addicted to an opioid and want to get help, a methadone clinic is an option for you. Methadone blocks the powerful cravings and withdrawal symptoms that compel a person to use heroin, oxycodone, or another opioid. Keep in mind that methadone is not a cure for opioid addiction. Although it can help a person stop using a more dangerous opioid, it does not address the triggers that caused the individual to abuse opioid drugs in the first place. Drug addiction is a complex condition. To manage your opioid addiction, it’s important to address the disorder’s physical, psychological, and behavioral aspects.

methadone clinic near meFinding a Methadone Clinic Near Me: Things to Look for

If you are interested in finding a methadone clinic near me, here are some considerations to keep in mind during your search:

Inpatient and Outpatient Programs

It can be helpful to find a methadone clinic at a rehab that offers both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs. This will allow you to seamlessly transition from inpatient rehab (if required) to an outpatient program.

Individualized Treatment

Methadone helps treat opioid use disorder, but it’s not right for everyone suffering from an opioid use disorder. Be sure to seek out a methadone clinic that offers individualized therapy; another drug or treatment may be better suited to you.

Wide Range of Addiction Treatments

MAT isn’t the only beneficial addiction treatment. Many treatments can support recovery from an opioid use disorder. Choose a methadone clinic near me that offers a wide range of evidence-based, holistic, and alternative treatments. There may be other beneficial therapies that can help you achieve lasting recovery.

Track Record of Success

It’s important to select a methadone clinic / rehab that has a reputation for treatment success. A licensed addiction treatment center staffed by licensed and experienced clinicians may be authorized to prescribe and dispense methadone. Not all rehabs offer MAT or methadone. Choose a clinic that offers this treatment but also has a reputation for treatment excellence.


Finally, you may want to consider any special amenities that the methadone clinic or rehab offers. Rehab with many amenities such as nutritious meals or fitness classes / equipment can enhance your recovery journey.

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Key Features to Look for When Choosing a Methadone Clinic

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