The most effective methods and treatments for drug addiction are those that have a multidisciplinary approach to recovery. What makes a multidisciplinary approach to addiction treatment more effective is that it addresses the complexities of the disease through a holistic recovery plan.

Unlike the majority of treatment programs that only provide one portion of care such as detox or counseling, holistic recovery programs, like the ones offered at WhiteSands Treatment Center, take on multiple levels of care. They start with detox, then move on to self-discovery exercises for understanding the causes of your addiction and later shift to therapies, which focus on helping you adopt behavioral changes, as well as new coping strategies to prevent relapse in the future.

The Minimum Requirements of an Effective Treatment Program Include:

  • Total Health Evaluation
  • Personalized Treatment
  • Specialty
  • Medical Detox
  • Counseling
  • Individual & Group Therapy
  • Alternative And Traditional Rehabilitation Exercises
  • Addiction Aftercare Through Sober Living & Other Relapse Prevention Programs

A well rounded substance abuse treatment facility such as WhiteSands Treatment Center will offer a rehabilitation program that supports recovery goals and encourages patients to work through issues, which are brought about drug and alcohol seeking behaviors.

Medication Assisted Treatment

Depending the doctor’s evaluation of you or your loved one’s addiction, it may be recommended that medication be administered to wean you from the substance of abuse. This is done in order to minimize uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms and ensure safety. In an inpatient environment, such as WhiteSands Treatment Center, doctors and nurses will carefully choose a medication which replaces the drug in your system and allows your body to slowly adjust to functioning without drugs or alcohol.

Other detox programs can shock a patient’s body and cause extreme sickness or even worse, including  seizures, heart attack, increased blood pressure, and a coma. Furthermore, for addictions such as alcoholism and heroin dependence, cravings can persist long after rehabilitation. This can make it increasingly difficult to avoid relapse, which is why some treatment programs involve medication management to help patients avoid drug or alcohol use and remain abstinent.

Why is Inpatient Rehab better than Outpatient Treatment for Recovery?

  • Inpatient and residential treatment programs provide structure and safety.
  • Inpatient rehabs and inpatient detox monitor patients at all times which provides patients with comfort as well as safety in the event that a health complication arises.
  • Inpatient rehabs eliminate outside temptations and ensure patient focus is entirely on getting healthy.
  • Relapse is not a concern if patients are in a drug free environment for both their detox and treatment.

Alternative Addiction Recovery Programs

While evidence-based treatments have excellent reputations for helping people manage their addiction, others have found success with alternative treatment paradigms. Restorative yoga is popular alternative treatment that helps recovering addicts cultivate mindfulness and calm. Restorative yoga offers physical benefits, of course, but its focus on mindfulness and helps recovering addicts remain focused on their recovery and on avoiding the triggers of relapse.

Other alternative programs include art therapy, music therapy, and Moral Reconation Therapy.

Addiction Aftercare is a Crucial Component of an Effective Drug Treatment Program

The drug addiction treatment process includes a number of separate yet integrated components, including crisis intervention, detox, rehab, and aftercare support. Intervention is designed to get people into treatment, detox enables drug discontinuation, and rehab addresses the underlying causes of drug addiction. Addiction aftercare is the name given to all programs initiated after rehab, including 12-step support groups, SMART Recovery systems, sober living centers, family therapy sessions and much more. Addiction aftercare plays a crucial role in the treatment process, with counselors giving people the practical and psychological support needed to turn their life around.

The WhiteSands Treatment Approach

If you or someone you know needs to access addiction aftercare services, it’s important to talk with a professional treatment center as soon as you can. WhiteSands Treatment Center offers a multi-disciplinary holistic approach to drug and alcohol recovery. Through both traditional treatments and alternative therapies, we pair the most effective components of addiction treatment to help patients find their way to recovery.

It’s important for addiction sufferers to remember that there is no one path to long-term recovery. If you have tried one type of therapy and found it to be lacking, you should not give up on treatment. There are many others that can help you achieve the sobriety you crave. Additionally, by meeting with an addiction specialist, you can be assessed so that clinical staff members can recommend an ideal course of treatment for you or your loved one. The most effective methods and treatments for addiction will teach you new and effective coping skills will help you manage lifelong sobriety.