Overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction is a long and complex process, and many who suffer from it often have reservations about the treatment process. You may have questions like: where will I go for rehab, or more importantly, how long does treatment last? Seeking help from an accredited and licensed treatment facility like WhiteSands Treatment Center is the best option for anyone who suffers from addiction. The type of care provided and the length of their rehab stay will depend on the person’s individual needs and current situation.

Rehabilitation centers offer a range of treatment methods that can be applied to enable abstinence and recovery, from the early stages of intervention and detox through to the later stages of relapse prevention and aftercare support. These facilities are designed to help addiction sufferers detox from drugs and alcohol, while also addressing the psychological and emotional aspects of this debilitating disease.

Stages of Treatment

  • Medical Detox: The length of a rehab program varies on a person to person basis. Those who suffer from addiction must first go through medical detox. Many inpatient rehab facilities, such as White Sands Treatment Center, offer customized drug and alcohol detox programs to help patients overcome their physical dependence on the addictive substance. Depending on the facility, some may require patients to detox from the drug completely before continuing with other forms of treatment, while other rehab centers may take a longer and slower approach. Research indicates that the longer someone stays in rehab, the better their chances are of maintaining lasting sobriety.
  • After Detox: Once detox is complete, a number of treatment modalities are implemented to help patients address the psychological and emotional issues related to their addiction. By incorporating psychotherapy, behavioral counseling, relapse prevention training, and other dorms of treatment, patients are able to learn new and better coping skills. They will learn to manage their triggers and have a more positive approach when dealing with stress and temptation.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

  • Many rehab facilities offer 30 day programs as a minimum for treatment. Others have several options including 60 and 90 days programs. It has been shown that patients who participate in 90 day programs are more successful than others because they are provided with an adequate amount of time to address the underlying causes of addiction.

Criteria for Length of Treatment

  • The addiction specialists at a licensed rehab facility will evaluate each patient to determine the ideal length of treatment. This decision will depend upon various factors, including: the extent of the addiction, the person’s history with drugs and/or alcohol, their current behavioral, mental and emotional state, and whether or not they have a co-existing mental health condition.

If you or someone you love is seeking help for addiction, it’s important to remember that drug treatment programs vary in length depending on the rehab facility chosen, as well as the patient’s condition when they arrive. What is deemed appropriate for one person may not work for another. It’s important to contact a certified treatment facility and inquire about their program offerings and whether or not they offer extended treatment stays.