When I got to White Sands I couldn?t see the point in going on another day. After 6 years of heroin use there was no drug that I didn?t do and I couldn?t live without being high. I was court ordered to treatment, which had happened before, but this time it was different. The people there made sure I didn?t get sick and suffer a bunch of horrible withdrawals without a fix. I?m sure that being here saved my life, and today I feel like I finally have a chance to make something of myself. Even my family has started talking to me again, something I thought would never happen. Today I see that it was my addiction and not me that my family resented and shut out, and if feels really good to finally have them want to be around me.

Sam Krugger, 26

        I didn't lose everything before I went into treatment, I just couldn't honestly get through my day without a drink. I always thought that I had control and that I wasn't as bad as an alcoholic, I just drank because I wanted to. I thought I could quit so many times on my own but every time I ended up right back at the bottle. The first week in detox was the worst part, I don't know how bad it would have been if the doctors didn't help me through that. It took about the first month to feel like I was clear headed, but the second month is when I started learning that the obsession to drink wasn't my fault but a symptom of my disease of alcoholism. I learned that my body would continue to crave alcohol but as long as I stayed sober the obsession would stay away. I was able to get involved with the 12 step meetings at White Sands and it changed everything for me. For the first time ever I felt like I was around other people that understood me and didn't judge me for my weaknesses. My counselor helped me make decisions for a positive change and encouraged me to continue on in the program. For the first time in my life I feel like I'm going someplace and not headed down a dead end road.

Paul Phiefer, 28

        Before I got into treatment my issues with anxiety only improved when I used drugs and alcohol, I got high just to be able to live. After years of pain and frustration I felt like my life had passed me by and left me behind, I just had no will to go on. I had gotten in a lot of trouble with the law and seemed I couldn't do anything but fail. I just wanted to quit life. But during that month at White Sands I finally had doctors who cared enough to help me sort out my anxiety and showed me that maybe there was a better solution to my problems, and that not all of my problems were my own fault, but many were because of my untreated mental disorders. Now I have a regular therapist that I see once a week and I feel like my life is on track for the first time. I actually have gotten so much out of outpatient right after being in the inpatient program and I suggest it highly to anyone who needs help helping themselves out of the desperate situations and chaos their addiction caused.

Brad Jennings, 33


When I got here I just wanted to die and was completely without hope. While I was in treatment I rested and ate regularly for the first time in years. During my stay I learned that there were issues I wasn?t aware of that prompted my using and kept me using all those years, I only wish I had come here sooner. I could have saved myself 10 years of misery.

Carla Branchford, 31

        Through the process of the in-depth evaluation assessment I learned that I wasn?t a bad person but a sick person. No one ever identified my mental disorder and that it could be treated and how much better I would feel. I owe my doctor everything for caring enough to see the underlying problem to my craving to self medicate with alcohol, now I know there is a safe alternative that can help me have a normal life.

Ann Wagner, Sep 9th, 53