Crack cocaine is an incredibly addictive stimulant derived from powdered cocaine. It causes excess amounts of dopamine to flood the brain, triggering an instant, intense rush of pleasure. Addiction is very common because cocaine alters the reward system of the brain, causing strong cravings that can only be satisfied with more and more of the substance. Prolonged use of crack cocaine can cause a range of serious side effects, including severe depression, psychosis, aggression, sexual dysfunction, reproductive damage, stroke, respiratory failure, heart attack, and death.

Don’t Wait to Get Addiction Help: Detox Now

If you or someone you care about is struggling with this crack cocaine addiction, it is important to safely detox from crack under medical supervision. At WhiteSands Treatment, we have extensive experience helping patients through crack detox. The withdrawal process from crack cocaine can be physically and mentally dangerous. Some of the most difficult symptoms include depression, anxiety, extreme fatigue, and intense cravings. When patients detox at WhiteSands Treatment, they will receive medications to help the withdrawal process go smoothly and safely. Our team of medical psychiatrists and board-certified doctors closely monitor each patient to ensure their safety and comfort. Our experienced nurses and professional counselors are always on hand to help patients sort through their feelings during this difficult time.

Detox from Crack at WhiteSands Treatment

At WhiteSands Treatment Centers, we take the time to get to know each patient so that we can help them achieve their goal of getting sober. We work closely with our patients to create an individualized treatment plan designed to maximize their long-term success. Every customized plan takes into account the patient’s personal struggles with drug and/or alcohol addiction, their medical history, strengths and weaknesses, and any dual-diagnosis or other mental health concerns. Patients will leave our rehab program with a better understanding of their personal addiction, as well as ways to cope with the cravings they will experience after leaving rehab. Alcohol and drug addicts often struggle with relapse triggers–or events that cause an addict to return to using–while living on their own after completing a rehab program. Triggers can be experiences, thoughts, or feelings brought on by certain behavior. At WhiteSands, we help patients identify these triggers and learn how to deal with them to prevent a relapse.

Why Choose Us?

WhiteSands Treatment Centers are fully accredited, private rehabilitation facility located just outside of Tampa near the beautiful gulf coast in Plant City, Florida. The relaxing, tropical environment of South Florida is the perfect place to help you reconnect with nature and gain a deeper sense of self. At WhiteSands Treatment, we believe that access to high-quality, cost-effective care is extremely important. Our facility is open to everyone, and we accept most insurance providers. If you or someone you know is ready to get help and would like to learn more about our facility, please fill out the form online or give us a callany time. We are happy to answer any questions about our treatment philosophy or recovery programs. Sobriety is just a phone call away-let us help you achieve it!