Norco is a drug frequently prescribed for pain management, thanks to its combination of acetaminophen and hydrocodone. However, the hydrocodone it contains opens the door to the possibility of addiction, even if it’s taken exactly as prescribed. Hydrocodone is an opioid, which is a synthetically created narcotic. Opioids act on receptors in the brain to create feelings of pleasure or reward while disrupting the body’s natural production of endorphins. If Norco is taken constantly, the individual may find that they are forced to take Norco in order to feel any sense of well-being. Once an individual has reached this stage, they often find that the best solution to regain their health and sobriety can be found in a medical detox, which we can provide at WhiteSands Treatment Center.

What Is a Norco Detox?

A detox from Norco allows the drug to leave the body and the brain’s chemicals to begin to return to natural levels. The challenge of a detox, and the reason many professionals recommend medical supervision, comes with the onset of withdrawal symptoms. It is also possible that a secondary disorder, such as depression or alcoholism, may accompany an addiction to Norco. In a dual-diagnosis situation, medications used during the detox will need to be adjusted accordingly.

Detoxing From Norco: Symptoms and What to Expect

Individuals with a substance addiction have been known to try to detox from their own home, but this approach is not without risk. While detoxing from Norco, symptoms of withdrawal can make a surprising and unwelcome appearance. These can include bouts of depression, muscle aches, nausea and vomiting, sudden mood changes, and an elevated heart rate. The good news is that most of these symptoms can be managed or negated through a professional detox, wherein a doctor uses medications to help keep the transition safe and comfortable. Detoxing in a rehabilitation facility has the additional benefit of ensuring that addiction counseling or personalized therapy will be accessible whenever necessary.

Do I Really Need to Detox From Norco?

If you or a loved one are using Norco more often or in larger quantities than prescribed, or if you’re regularly taking it without a prescription, you might be addicted to or dependent on Norco. The most effective way to safely end a drug habit is a rehab program and detox. If someone continues to abuse Norco without seeking treatment, they risk permanent liver damage, heart attacks, hearing loss, possible coma, and sudden death. It can be hard to self-diagnose an addiction, so if you’re still uncertain, consider calling us for a free clinical assessment, which can provide greater clarity.

Get Help With a Safe, Private Norco Detox

The immensely addictive nature of opioids, including Norco, makes it imperative that recovery centers offering detox treatment be properly accredited and certified. At WhiteSands Treatment , our staff includes board-certified doctors, nurses, counselors, and psychiatrists, all under one roof and easily accessible in case of emergency. We take a dual-diagnosis approach to our rehabilitation programs, ensuring that our patients have all facets of their addiction addressed. If you’d like more information on our therapy options or if you have more questions about our Norco detox programs, call our 24/7 phone line or fill out the form here.