When an individual has experienced or comes dangerously close to experiencing a drug overdose, an emergency detox may be needed to prevent serious bodily damage or death. Unless the drug is flushed from the body quickly and safely, serious complications can arise. At WhiteSands Treatment, we have recognized experience in performing drug and alcohol detox successfully. Our drug rehab Tampa facility is well-equipped to handle most drug detox needs, and we can also assist you in finding solutions to drug addiction for yourself or for a loved one.

Why Detox Is Needed

When a person suffers from a drug or alcohol addiction, the body develops a physical need for the substance in order to function properly. Often, when a person quits using abruptly, the body responds with a variety of withdrawal symptoms as it re-acclimates itself to functioning without the substance. Depending on the drug, symptoms can include insomnia, sweating, acute depression, anxiety, or vomiting. Many of these symptoms cause extreme discomfort, and some of them can also put the addict at risk of sudden death.

Medically-supervised detox allows the body to wean itself off of the addictive substance and to adjust to life without the drug while minimizing withdrawal symptoms. Many people who try to get sober on their own quit as soon as the symptoms of detox become unbearable. Under professional treatment at emergency detox centers in Tampa such as WhiteSands Treatment, addicts are made comfortable through the use of different medical therapies. This helps to improve the odds of a successful recovery from drug or alcohol addiction because the adjustment to life without drugs is much easier under medical care.

Detoxing at WhiteSands Treatment

At WhiteSands Treatment, addicts have the opportunity to undergo highly customized detox and rehab care that is tailored to their needs. We can help with emergency detox in many cases, either through detox at our center or through partnerships with other facilities in cases of acute emergencies. Our facility is staffed by highly trained medical professionals who specialize in addiction, including doctors and nurses with many years of experience in helping to facilitate a safe detox experience. We have worked with many addicts, and our accredited programs are known throughout the country.

Getting Started in Rehab

Whether you live in Florida or elsewhere in the country, we can help you. We can assist you in arranging travel to our center, so you can see why people from across the nation have chosen us from among the emergency detox centers in Tampa to provide professional care. Our dual-diagnosis treatment combines detox with counseling and care for co-occurring disorders so that you can get an effective solution to your struggles with addiction. You can get help today when you speak with one of our addiction care specialists. Call or fill out our form to get more information on our drug and alcohol detox and addiction recovery programs.