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How long does opioid withdrawal last? That is a pressing question for those who are thinking about drug rehab and want to know what to expect. The fact is that if you or a loved one has been abusing opiates such as heroin or opioid pain medications such as codeine, Vicodin, Percocet, morphine, and others, a period of withdrawal characterized by discomforting symptoms will occur when the drug use stops. Happily, those who press through this period with the help of trained professionals at a safe, comfortable rehabilitation center usually have excellent prospects of a long-term recovery.

Withdrawal Period Length

How long does it take to withdraw from opiates? The answer is largely dependent on the person. That is because the period of detox and withdrawal depends on the length of time that the drug has been used. Individuals who have used opiates and opioids for some years can expect a longer and more intense opiate withdrawal duration than those who have only used them for a few months. In general, withdrawal begins within 12-30 hours after the last time the drug is used, and the intensity of withdrawal symptoms usually peaks within 72 hours of stopping the drug. After that, residual withdrawal symptoms can last a week or even a bit longer depending on how long the recovering addict has been using the drug.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Whether an addict endures a significant opiate withdrawal length or a much shorter detox period, there are common symptoms that most addicts experience. Insomnia, sweating, muscle aches, fever, and anxiety are among the most frequently experienced detox symptoms for opiate users who are going through withdrawal. At the peak of these symptoms, a recovering addict may experience diarrhea, depression, nausea, and intense cravings for the drug. For these reasons, individualized care in an accredited rehab program is vital. Highly trained medical personnel who staff such programs can monitor the addict for any life-threatening symptoms and intervene when necessary. Their treatment can also make even the greatest opiate withdrawal duration more bearable, as they can prescribe medication and other treatments to make the addict in withdrawal more comfortable.

Getting Help

How long does opioid withdrawal last? At WhiteSands Treatment Center, we can give you a better answer to that question for your specific situation through one of our free clinical assessments. We will let you know what you can expect and then outline your personal opiate withdrawal length and treatment plan. At our renowned facility, you can receive individualized treatment that addresses your needs comprehensively.

Some people delay seeking treatment as they worry and wonder, “How long does it take to withdraw from opiates?” But the important fact to remember is that the sooner you seek treatment, the less severe your symptoms may be. The symptoms will not last longer than a few weeks or so, and they will decrease in intensity. You will not enjoy a lasting recovery without comprehensive rehab care, and at WhiteSands, we can provide this level of treatment in a safe, non-judgmental facility, and we can work with most insurance plans to get you the most affordable care. Call today or fill out the form for more information.