Risks of Being an IV Drug User: Common IV Drug Use Infections and Their Effects | Get Customized Care to End Your Addiction at Tampa Drug Treatment Center

Addicts who take drugs such as heroin intravenously often have medical problems in addition to the addiction itself. After all, IV drug use is known to be associated with the spread of infections and diseases. But finding the right facility for addiction treatment can make a life-or-death difference for someone struggling with dependence on IV drugs.

How Infections Spread Through IV Drug Use

Every time a needle is inserted into the human body, a small wound at the injection site is created. IV drug use infections enter the body at this site. Infections are possible even when sterile needles and pure forms of the addictive drug are used, but the unhygienic conditions in which many IV drug users use these substances explains why the rate of infection is so high. Often, the drugs that are taken include bacteria and other foreign substances because they are not manufactured in a sanitary environment. When IVs are inserted into the dirty skin, the dirt and bacteria on the skin can get into the wound and cause an infection. And when addicts share needles, they can be exposed to the blood of other addicts, allowing for the transfer of infection.

Common Diseases in IV Drug Users

The most common reason why IV drug users are admitted to the hospital is an infection, particularly of the soft tissues and the skin. However, bacterial infections are not the only health problems associated with IV drug use. Many people are aware that HIV can be spread from one IV drug user to another if an infected person shares a needle with another addict, but hepatitis B and C, which can cause severe liver damage, can also be spread through the sharing of needles. Many addicts have developed chronic medical issues or even died from a disease contracted through IV drug use.

Treatment and Prevention

When IV drug use infections are caught early, the prognosis for the infected person is good, but it is much better never to get an infection to begin with. That’s why it’s important for each IV drug user to get help through a customized addiction treatment program. By ending the addiction, the risk of IV drug use infections is drastically reduced, not to mention the risk of other harmful side effects caused by the drug itself.

Our personalized drug recovery programs are staffed by highly trained medical personnel who have a wealth of experience with IV drug users. You will receive high-quality, individualized care from people who specialize in IV drug addiction, and your detox treatment and rehabilitation will be conducted in a safe and comfortable setting. We work with patients from around the country and accept most private insurance plans to make your treatment program as cost-effective as possible. We can even help facilitate transportation to our facility in the Tampa Bay area. Call today or fill out the form here for more information on how we can assist you in leaving the dangers of IV drug use behind.