How to Spot an IV Drug User: Signs of Abuse of Intravenous Drugs | Need Help? Call 24/7 for a Free Clinical Assessment

While some drug abusers get high from smoking a drug or taking a pill, others turn to the needle to satisfy their cravings. Intravenous drugs can include heroin, cocaine, crystal meth, and opiates. Unfortunately, each of these substances comes with its own set of risks because of its content as well as its delivery method. Nothing about this method of drug use is safe: There are multiple complications, including viral infections that could plague those seeking their high at the tip of a needle. It’s important to find a treatment center that can give you the attention you need to break free and move toward recovery as soon as possible.

Intravenous Drugs: A Quick High

There are multiple ways to take drugs, each option with its own allure. But for an IV drug user, the goal is often to reach a high as quickly as possible. The substance hits the bloodstream and delivers the desired effect long before other drugs or even alcohol can. In fact, after using other types of drugs, addicts may find themselves drawn to IV drugs because they can get a more intense high in a shorter amount of time. It’s also true that the body absorbs all of a substance when it is injected versus only a portion when it is smoked. But these stronger effects are accompanied by a greater risk of addiction.

Signs of an IV Drug User

Many drug abusers share a few general characteristics that people who care about them can look out for. Most become more withdrawn from friends and family. Personal hygiene becomes less important, as do other responsibilities, including work and social commitments. However, some IV drug abuse symptoms separate these addicts from the rest. One of the most common is track marks. Usually located on the forearms, they look like small needle pricks. Because a user tends to go to the same place over and over for the injections, these portions of the body are often scarred, displaying visible damage to the veins or even bruising on the skin.

Don’t Overlook the Signs of IV Drug Use

If you have started to see the signs of IV drug use in a loved one or you are struggling with addiction to a drug or alcohol yourself, it’s never too late to get help. WhiteSands Treatment Center offers customized care with real solutions for those ready to make a change. Private care and personalized attention set us apart from the rest. Our individualized addiction treatment programs can include medically assisted detox, counseling, and even group therapy that can help an individual become accustomed to a life free from addiction. Addiction therapy provides a great opportunity for learning and encouragement in both individual and group settings. We also offer alternative treatments such as yoga and art therapy.

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