Can Someone Be Forced Into Rehab? | Learn How to Get Help for Someone You Care About or Find Your Own, Personalized Treatment Solution

There’s a lot of debate about whether or not it should be possible to make someone get addiction treatment against their will. Can someone be forced into rehab, and if so, will it do any good? Families at the end of their rope may feel like they don’t have any other options and want to find something that will save the lives of their loved ones, causing them to seek out any possible way to get them into treatment. It’s a heavy topic to consider: suspending the rights of another person in order to get them into an accredited facility for rehabilitation.

Can you be forced into rehab? The answer varies based on your location and the evidence presented. The success of involuntary treatment is still being researched. However, if you believe that you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, there are a lot of benefits to making this decision on your own and finding a personalized program in a high-quality treatment environment, rather than waiting for someone to force you into it.

When Can Someone Be Forced Into Rehab?

More than half of the states in America have some type of law on the books that open up the possibility of involuntary commitment for substance abuse. In Kentucky, Casey’s Law was put in place to help decrease the incidence of opiate overdose. In Florida, the Marchman Act allows an addict to be held for up to 90 days for drug addiction treatment. Each law may be worded differently, but they all have the same goal: allowing people close to the user to intervene and arrange for help, even when the user can’t see that there is a problem.

Because individual rights are important, too, these laws require that evidence is presented to demonstrate how desperate the situation is. Some require that the user be a harm to themselves or others, including concrete examples to demonstrate this. But the type of proof and the relationship between the user and the person looking to set up forced rehab that is required vary by state.

What Other Options Are Available?

Can you be forced into rehab, or are there other alternatives that friends and family should try to bring the issue to your attention? An intervention facilitated by a professional can give loved ones a chance to point out the problems they see and ask that a user seek help. The rehab center may already be selected and a clinical assessment arranged in case the intervention is successful. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to present the facts to an individual in denial.

Make Your Own Decision: Get Help Now

Instead of waiting for someone else to make the decision for you, consider stepping up and choosing an accredited facility offering the best programs currently available for addiction treatment. With WhiteSands Treatment Center, you’ll have the ability to get a free clinical assessment and get private care customized to your needs.

You’ll benefit from a beautiful and safe environment and treatment options like medically assisted detox, cognitive behavioral therapy, and group counseling. Call today to speak with an addiction specialist, and we’ll help you find exactly what you need to get clean and get on with your life.