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Practicing Acceptance In Addiction Recovery

During addiction recovery, you will benefit from all that you will learn about yourself and your addiction. Successful rehab programs involve not only medical care but also individual and group addiction counseling in which you confront the reasons for your addiction and learn better ways to deal with life’s problems than drugs or alcohol. One of the most important concepts you will learn about is acceptance. While you are in therapy, you will practice acceptance and learn how to apply it as a relapse prevention tool.

What Is Acceptance?

Acceptance is a concept and practice employed in counseling to help people learn better ways of dealing with their problems. Essentially, acceptance involves admitting the truth of a particular situation or conforming one’s notions of the way things should be to the way things actually are. In life, we are frequently confronted with disappointments, and we may attempt to deal with them in unhealthy ways. We may attempt to change things that cannot be changed, and when we do, we become frustrated or even anxious or depressed. For example, the loss of a relationship may prompt us to go to extraordinary lengths to restore the relationship, and should these attempts fail, we become emotionally worse off than before. If we were to embrace the reality of the situation, that the loss of the relationship really is permanent, we would be prepared to move on. That is an example of acceptance.

Acceptance and Addiction Recovery

Acceptance in addiction recovery is so important because many addictions are fueled by our desire to change reality when it cannot be changed. Recovering addicts who maintain sobriety practice acceptance. They do not try to deny the reality of a loss or a disappointment but accept the reality for what it is. This helps them to pass through their disappointment more quickly and not fall into the frustration that can provoke them to use drugs or alcohol again. Learning acceptance in recovery gives addicts a vital tool for long-term success in addiction rehab.

Acceptance and Giving Up

It is important to note that acceptance is not the same thing as giving up. Those who learn to practice acceptance in addiction recovery are not defeatists. Instead, through personalized counseling, they have learned to better evaluate situations and discern which ones they might be able to change and which ones must be accepted for what they are. Moreover, those who go through rehabilitation practice acceptance in recovery therapies before they are discharged. They work through emotional difficulties from the past and learn how to practice acceptance once they have graduated from the program.

Learning Acceptance

At Tampa Drug Treatment Center, you can learn to embrace acceptance through professional counseling and benefit from high-quality, medically supervised drug rehab programs. Our counselors will help you learn to practice acceptance in recovery, and our dual-diagnosis approach can assist you in sorting through conditions such as depression that can result from not practicing acceptance. We are standing by to help you, and we can work with most private insurance plans. Call now or fill out the form here for more information.