The cost of rehab can be a major consideration for addicts when considering recovery. Great facilities offering comprehensive treatment programs often come with hefty price tags, but the tools of sobriety don’t have to be out of reach for individuals with modest resources.

Locating an affordable inpatient drug rehab that works with your private insurance can be the key to success in recovery. At WhiteSands Treatment, we’re proud to offer some of the best treatment and counseling available while also staying mindful of our clients’ financial concerns. Call today to speak with a counselor to find out how our treatment programs can work with your insurance policy and financial situation so can attend rehabilitation, confidently.

Coming to Terms with Addiction and Finding a Financially Realistic Solution

After recognizing that a substance abuse problem is present in your life or in the life of someone you love, many addicts seek an affordable inpatient drug rehab because they assume that obtaining care in long-term rehab centers may be out of their financial grasp. While it’s true that long-term inpatient care can be expensive, some facilities take steps to ensure that the cost of treatment remains manageable and reasonable. Treatment centers like ours may keep their services cost-effective or offer monthly payment plans.

Multiple payment options keep treatment a viable solution for individuals in a variety of circumstances. We know that many of our clients rely on insurance to pay part or all of the costs associated with their treatment, which is why we offer an insurance verification tool to help potential clients understand how and to what degree our services are covered by their specific policies.

We Work With Referral Partners to Better Help You

Costs for treatment can quickly mount, which is why many cash-strapped addicts try their best to enter an affordable inpatient drug rehab. Choosing a cheap rehab, however, does not necessarily mean that you have to sacrifice high-quality treatment. Opting for the lowest rating and cheapest rehab can mean that their services will not render the same outcome as a high-quality yet still affordable rehab. It’s always advisable to do adequate research into the rehab and the programs that they offer in order to ensure you are getting quality treatment. Some rehab and detox centers provide low-cost services and individualized treatment based on sliding scales so that recovery can be within reach of all individuals, regardless of their financial status.

Treatment Programs at WhiteSands Treatment

Our programs are fully accredited and provide the dual-diagnosis care that is so essential to help many addicts experience a lasting recovery. In an effort to keep our services as accessible as possible, we at WhiteSands Treatment work with several referral partners and accept most insurance plans, including those associated with the Affordable Care Act. We do this to ensure that you can get the best quality treatment available to you, based on your personal policies and coverage.

Treating drug and alcohol addiction is an important investment in your health and your future, so the cost is well worth it. It’s important to note that cutting corners to save the cost of rehab is never a good idea, as opting for a lower-grade treatment center will not give you the promising results you are hoping for.

You can get individualized drug or alcohol addiction treatment at a price you can afford: If you’re searching for affordable rehab centers, look no further than WhiteSands Treatment. Our addiction specialists can assist you in finding ways to pay for treatment, including working with your insurer and even helping you to find a way to get to our facility at a little cost to you.

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