Apps for Alcoholics: Find a Quit-Drinking App to Help You Stay Sober | Need Help? Get a Free Clinical Assessment Now

Once you’ve been able to attain sobriety, it is of the utmost importance that you stay on track. For some, the transition from rehab to a sober living environment or from a sober living house to back home with friends and family can be a challenge. Ideally, the goal is to have a plan in place that will help you continue to stay on the path of successful recovery. That could mean incorporating a sobriety app into your everyday routine.

Most people don’t get very far without their phones. In addition to ensuring that people stay connected, the phone has become a way to keep track of important dates, be entertained during downtime, and even make positive changes in life. With the right apps for alcoholics, a phone can open up a whole new world to those who are determined to set a sobriety goal and stick with it. But which one should you choose?

SoberTool, available for Apple and Android phones, is a popular sobriety app that features a reward system for staying away from alcohol. At the same time, it also offers encouragement when things aren’t going so well. Users can search for ideas to help them get past a difficult situation or work through emotions that may have sent them back to a drug or alcohol issue from the past. Just having something positive to focus on can be beneficial.

RecoveryBox, on the other hand, is only available for iOS but really comes in handy if you want positive reinforcement for doing the right thing. If you’ve done something that helps you avoid a craving, you get a green light. If you record an activity that put you in a precarious situation, you’ll notice a yellow light. And when you tell the app that you’ve had a slip, the red light will show up. However, the app only works if a person is willing to track all of their activities throughout the day; much like recovery itself, you have to put in the work to benefit.

A key feature that helps apps for alcoholics to be effective is that they promote mindfulness. It’s important that a person makes conscious decisions about their behavior, reflecting on the choices they make, their motivations, and the consequences they may have. With the help of a sobriety app, an alcoholic can be mindful of the choices that they make throughout the day and the triggers that could drive them back to addiction.

While a quit-drinking app can be beneficial, it’s important to realize that it takes a concentrated effort to make a change and walk away from the hold that alcohol has on a person’s life. Using a quit-drinking app on its own may not be enough to maintain sobriety, and it’s highly unlikely to be helpful for those who are not yet in recovery. If you aren’t sure if it’s time to arrange for treatment at an accredited alcohol rehab facility, we can help you make that decision. At Tampa Drug Treatment Center, we’re available by phone 24/7 and can give you a free clinical assessment, analyzing your unique circumstances to determine what kind of help would be most beneficial to you. Then, if you need addiction treatment, we can create a customized program based on your situation, whether you require detoxification, addiction counseling, a sober living environment, or another form of help. If you’re struggling, don’t do it alone: Call today and let us help.